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Art Producer
Art Producer
Hugo & Marie
Post Date: 13 Nov 2023


Hugo & Marie is looking for a full-time Art Producer to join the team!

We’re on the lookout for an Art Producer to become an essential part of our team. You’ll be in charge of nurturing the talents of our incredible artists and managing their exciting commercial projects.

Working alongside our Senior Art Producer, you’ll be at the heart of our dynamic agency, taking care of our artists and their projects for clients in tech, fashion, beauty, entertainment, travel, luxury, editorial and publishing  such as Apple, La Mer, Clinique, Nike, and prominent cultural institutions.

Your role will involve working closely with our illustrators, fine artists, and multimedia art directors, guiding them through the creative journey of their commercial projects. You’ll also have plenty of client interaction, collaborating with our Senior Art Producer to craft successful projects that will help our artists thrive in their creative careers.

In this role, building relationships is key. 

You’ll need to connect with our represented artists on a personal and professional level, gaining their trust and understanding their individual needs, methods, and processes.

Our talented artists are spread across the globe, from New York to Seoul, and we represent them in various parts of the world, including England, France, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Handle in-bound commissions ranging from specific artist briefs to general inquiries.
  • Help curate and source art partnerships based on client’s needs.
  • Collaborate with clients to define project details, including style references, terms, usage, timeline, and budget.
  • Work closely with our CEO and Senior Art Producer to ensure industry standards and budgets are met.
  • Prepare estimates and proposals for internal review and submission to clients.
  • Provide guidance on usage, territory, media, duration, and budget.
  • Coordinate production plans with represented artists for each project.
  • Manage confirmed projects, ongoing jobs, and project budgets.
  • Collect project specifications, communicate with clients about delivery expectations, and facilitate concept development, sketches, revisions, and feedback.
  • Maintain open communication with both artists and clients.
  • Participate in weekly artist overview meetings.
  • Source production partners such as producers, video directors, animators, digital developers, photographers, and others as needed to execute larger scale projects requiring collaboration.
  • Organize and Maintain Dropbox Accounts
  • Plan digital media updates for new project releases and contribute to newsletter and press release planning.
  • Collaborate with our in-house design team to produce artist content for our website, newsletters, and social media marketing.
  • Work with the Finance Manager to send invoices and provide project timing updates.
  • Develop outreach strategies for artist projects, working closely with our CEO to generate new leads and opportunities for our artists.

The ideal candidate:

  • Enjoys working with clients in the luxury fashion, beauty, and tech industries.
  • Excels at juggling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Thrives on collaboration, can take direction, and manage their workload independently.
  • Keeps cool under pressure and maintains a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Comfort with proactive outreach, including the potential for efficient and directed ‘cold calling,’ to introduce artist work to new potential clients.
  • Has a genuine passion for visual art and supporting the growth of our 20+ artists.
  • Approaches each project with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Is based in NYC.


New York, USA

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