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Studio Olafur Eliasson
Post Date: 27 May 2022


Beginning of the contract: Immediately
Employment: Full-time
Where: Berlin
Deadline to apply: Sunday, 19th June 2022

Job Description:

Studio Olafur Eliasson is seeking qualified applicants for the role of an assistant for gallery liaisons, a full-time position in the studio. You will work closely with the co-heads of the Encounters team, supporting a variety of projects through multiple stages of the production process, from conception and planning, in partnership with the production teams, through documentation, shipping, and archiving. Your main task will be to guarantee a smooth in- house process, and you will liaise with colleagues from various departments to ensure that production deadlines are met, photographs/videos of the works are taken, and descriptions are made available to the public and partnering institutions.
The position requires strong communications skills, as you will play an important role as interdepartmental intermediary between the Encounters team and the Development and Production department and in communicating with the artist’s galleries and with a range of external partners. You are responsible for managing Olafur Eliasson’s contributions to group exhibitions, liaising with the galleries, and assisting in coordinating Olafur Eliasson’s participation in art fairs.
In your day-to-day activities you will work with our studio database to prepare a variety of lists and documents for internal use across departments and for sharing with our gallery representatives.


• You should have a degree in art history or comparable in-depth knowledge of modern and contemporary art, plus at minimum three years working experience in contemporary art institutions or similar cultural institutions
• Have a genuine enthusiasm for contemporary art, knowledge of art history, and an understanding of the
art market.
• Your strength lies in coordinating diverse working processes and in maintaining an overview of the range of duties that are bundled with you.
• You exhibit a high level of self-motivation and an ability to work under pressure, at a fast pace, and on a
variety of topics simultaneously.
• You have a strong sense of personal responsibility, loyalty, and reliability; and an attention to detail,
accuracy, and precision in creating documents and lists.
• You are proficient in using common Office programs (Word, Excel)
• The studio languages are English and German. Fluent in German is a requirement for this position.
In addition, you should have a particular sensitivity to issues surrounding sustainability and diversity, and be keen on finding alternatives that reflect SOE’s core values and efforts in these areas.

About Studio Olafur Eliasson:

The studio team consists of specialised technicians, architects, artists, art historians, cooks, and administrators. We work with Eliasson to experiment, develop, and install artworks, projects, and exhibitions as well as to communicate and contextualise his work. We’re a fast-paced team that understands the importance of slow, in-depth work. We hire highly skilled team-players, and we value creative thinkers and doers with a passion for art.



All nationalities are encouraged to apply. Studio Olafur Eliasson is committed to an inclusive employment policy in all areas of the studio, with an explicit focus on increasing the ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender diversity of the studio.
Applicants from non-EU/Schengen countries applying for a job position are required to obtain the necessary residency permits and work visas in Germany; we can offer assistance in this process.


Applicants should submit a cover letter of no more than 400 words in length and a short CV to
[email protected]


Berlin, Germany

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