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Pelham Communications
Post Date: 21 Nov 2022


Pelham’s global cultural network has been built over twenty years working in the arts. With clients in over 16 countries and offices in London and New York, we use our deep knowledge of the cultural sector to offer bespoke campaigns in a fast-changing landscape.

Across cultural consultancy, PR, brand strategy, media, digital and social media, we drive growth and develop and maintain reputation for art, architecture and design organisations. Our clients include museums, foundations, galleries, governments, cities, studios, fairs, biennials, cultural festivals and more

We are recruiting for two separate roles, an Associate Director and a Director of Social Media and Digital. These are opportunities for ambitious individuals who have already made their mark on the industry to work in collaboration with the company Directors and be a driving force in client and team management.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR (£60K – 70k per annum, depending on experience)

The job requires a team player who is highly organised in their approach, has an excellent understanding of the media with strong contacts, and a track record in establishing client relationships and delivering brilliant results. The candidate must have a strong experience of directing high-level arts PR campaigns and be an exceptional thinker who will bring in real gravitas and expertise to the company. A proven track record in leadership and an ability to train, guide and motivate a team made up of Managers and Executives is essential. A passion for visual arts and in-depth knowledge of copywriting and brand strategies is required. Must have a demonstrable ability to devise, administer and evaluate media campaigns. Energy and enthusiasm are of paramount importance as the culture of the agency is fast-paced and ambitious. We work internationally so are always looking for additional languages.

DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND DIGITAL (£50K – 70k, per annum depending on experience)

As Director of Social Media and Digital you will be a social media expert, strategic thinker, strong communicator and presenter, proactive and rigorous, able to develop and deliver best-in-class presentations, and able to foster strong relationships and collaborate with teams, with clients, with partners and with new business prospects. The role involves running the department as head of the digital team, managing the entirety of Pelham social media and digital services across all clients, building and developing digital services within the agency, and inspiring the internal team. You will develop and deliver compelling, professional, evidence-based social media strategies that build awareness, increase audience engagement and drive conversions with clear and actionable recommendations. You will lead the delivery of social media insights reports and create paid media strategies.

How to apply

Contact Sophie Campos on [email protected] for a full job pack, including more detailed job descriptions and the benefits package. Please send your CV by 18 December.

N.B. If these roles don’t fit your expertise, we are always hiring and looking to meet new people who could join our expanding team at all levels so please feel free to reach out with your CV anyway.

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