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Brand Strategist
Brand Strategist
Bourn Companies
Post Date: 21 Aug 2023


Drive thoughtful, creative design solutions to push the boundaries of what’s possible

As a Brand Strategist with Bourn Companies, you will transform multiple real estate projects through the power of story. You are encouraged to bring the latest marketing and design trends into your work. With Bourn Companies you will be focused on mixed used environments comprised of residential, office, hospitality, retail and industrial spaces. You will help both B2B and B2C audiences connect with the vision of our projects and make meaningful brand connections that drive outcomes.

You will work directly with project teams to make meaningful contributions to large scale projects allowing you to master your design, marketing, and communications skills.

Across more than 30 years and 5 million square feet of work, Bourn Companies has pushed the boundaries of traditional real estate development. We lead projects that make a difference, supporting and defining communities and inspiring a sense of place that deepens over time.

With an average size of over 1 million square feet, our projects have scale, sophistication, and complexity that will support you in reaching the pinnacle of your field. Our cross functional open environment provides a logical and direct path to unique opportunities.

Your Team

Our In-House Marketing Team collaborates with internal teams and external consultants to drive and produce high quality outcomes that leverage a deep understanding of the power of brand. The team works together to drive projects forward working closely with our architecture and integration teams to bring marketing to life.

The Role

You are responsible for conceptualizing and leading all brand design deliverables in a systematic way. You’ll synthesize market trends, research, and project visions together to create a cohesive representation of branding for various projects. The brand process will result in the production of specific materials including brand books, visual identity systems, and design assets. Your work will be utilized in a systematic way across many internal and external marketing efforts. You will also be responsible for establishing brand consistency across several internal and external teams through review and audit processes.

This position requires you to be highly organized and structured, yet with an ability to react to ever-changing conditions that inevitably occur. Some essential aspects of your role include:

§ Technical Performance: Vision and leadership of high qualityrelevantbranding deliverables.

Design Expertise: Strong visual design sensibility with an innate understanding of good design and an ability to build systematic brand frameworks.

Marketing Expertise: Up-to-date understanding of modern marketing channels, including how they work and what drives engagement with them.

Product Expertise: Develop deep understanding of trends, research, and project vision around key products that we produce including retail, restaurant, office, multi-family residential, single family residential, industrial, hospitality, and entertainment.

Functional Process & Methods: Execute workflow logistics within the marketing of projects.

§ Organization: Contribute to your team consistent with vision, strategy and execution plan with clear communication and reporting.

§ Measurement: Work on-time to marketing schedules that coordinate with project schedules.

§ Standards: Execute design to high standards of quality control while proactively managing and mitigating potential risk.


§ Strong design sensibility and ability to communicate opinions thoughtfully.

§ Disciplined systematic thinking and ability to build brand and design systems.

§ Understanding of modern marketing communications channels and tools.

§ Clear and compelling written communication.

§ Ability to understand and manage projects to a budget and timeline.

§ Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite. Experience with 3D modeling, web design, video editing, GIS technology, and/or CorelDraw is a plus.


§ Curious with a willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible

§ High degree of independence, motivation, and accountability

§ Team oriented with a desire to win and grow together

§ Great attention to detail while keeping the larger landscape in mind

§ Ability to work on short timeframes and meet deadlines

§ Authentic, sincere, and ethical engagement rooted in strong integrity


§ Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Marketing, Design, or related field of study from an accredited university.

§ We want to grow terrific marketing professionals and leaders. Specific work experience is less important than a set of fundamental technical skills and characteristics. We are looking for people who have found a way to be consistently successful in competitive and challenging environments…such as school, sports, and work.

Bourn Companies

Since 1990, Bourn Companies has been a leading real estate developer headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. Committed to innovative ideas and entrepreneurial environments, Bourn Companies adds meaningful value to all our projects through Thoughtful Integrated Development.

Our portfolio includes mixed-use retail, restaurant and entertainment venues, office buildings, residential communities, hotels, medical and technology facilities complemented with parks and other outdoor built environments.

By integrating commercial, residential and lifestyle elements with thoughtful attention to the success and well-being of all stakeholders, we build value for everyone we serve: the people who work, play and live in our spaces every day, the companies who lease space from us, the communities who support us and our investors who entrust us.

Our Culture

We’re motivated by extraordinary success.

Our success has ensured a large and steady pipeline of opportunities, which means plenty of opportunity for every team member to contribute. We don’t staff for excess capacity, preferring a close-knit culture in which every employee has a critical role to play.

We believe in giving people ownership and autonomy in their work. At the same time, mentorship, collaboration and cross-pollination create an energetic, dynamic environment that develops well‐rounded skill sets for all team members.

Our work hours are significant but not overwhelming. While we’re driven by deadlines, we take pride in the achievements of our people and their families and make time to celebrate together the wins and everyday milestones of our personal lives. We are proud to offer a comprehensive and competitive salary and benefits package. Bourn Companies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply for this great opportunity, please send a cover letter and resume to:

[email protected]

Skills Required

Brand Design



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