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Editorial Project Manager
Editorial Project Manager
Post Date: 13 Nov 2023


World’s Number 1 in Jewelry and Number 2 in Watchmaking, Cartier rhymes with expertise and excellence since 1847. More than just a business, the Maison Cartier was able to make its creations true myths, thanks to the men and women who make their passion, their occupation.Within the Cartier International’s Creative Communications department, the Editorial Project Manager executes and advocates Maison’s global and transversal editorial strategy on product and corporate campaigns.



Editorial Strategy & Planning

  • Within the Editorial Strategy team, supports the development and execution of transversal editorial strategy for Maison’s campaigns and topics.
  • Assists in developing communication messages and angles editorial themes and campaign.
  • Creates editorial briefs with clear messages for the Creative Content teams, follows-up the development of these briefs with various teams.
  • Works transversally with all concerned teams to guarantee implementation of defined messages on different touchpoints (digital, press, media, local markets…).
  • Ensures coherence of messages and tone of voice on all Maison’s touchpoints.
  • Organizes roadmaps and schedules and ensures they’re respected.
  • Ensures timely validation with all concerned interlocutors in order to meet set deadlines.


Research & Briefs 

  • Ensures the most qualitative and innovative projects and content for different Maison platforms, to support the editorial themes and planning.
  • Undertakes exhaustive research of iconography and information in Maison’s archives and literature to enrich the editorial line of all campaigns.
  • Keeps track with latest trends and prospective to propose innovative work.


Transversal Collaboration and Coordination

  • Works in close collaboration with in-house copywriters, to adapt and coordinate editorial angles in written texts.
  • Guarantees positive and quality working relationships with transversal teams (Marketing, Press, Event, Digital, Heritage, Market Coordination, Marketing, VM) to ensure all Maison’s messages and values ​​are included in the global editorial planning.
  • Animate regular sharing instances (workshops and committees) between relevant teams to ensure all teams are aligned and different needs are respected.



Following a Master’s Degree in Communication, Marketing or Business, you have at least a 3-year experience in Communication, Press or Digital departments in an agency or in-house, ideally in the luxury industry and international environment.

Excellent understanding of branding and communications: specifically a strong understanding of communication strategies of luxury brands

Good analytical skills, able to set up and articulate a strategic vision.

You are creative, dynamic and involved and you have a broad general culture. Moreover, you have a natural preference for corporate and institutional topics.

As a project manager, you are socially agile, flexible able to federate around your projects. You like working with others and are known for your persuasion skills. Moreover you are experienced and at ease working in an international, multicultural environment and with multiple interlocutors.

Autonomous, organized and rigorous, you adapt easily to a fast-paced environment and know how to prioritize your projects. 


Fluent in english


Paris, France

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