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Glenn W & Cornelia T Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art
Glenn W & Cornelia T Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art
Norton Museum of Art
Post Date: 05 May 2022


The Norton Museum of Art is seeking excellent candidates for the role of the Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art. 

This individual will be an energetic, captivating, and dynamic curator with deep connections to emerging and established national and international contemporary artists, who can attract compelling, cutting-edge exhibitions to continue the strengthen the national reputation of the Museum’s collection and exhibition program and bring them to a level of international acclaim.

The Museum’s permanent collection consists of more than 8,200 artworks across five collecting areas: American, Chinese, Contemporary, European, and Photography. Overseeing the Contemporary Collection, consisting of approximately 950 objects, the Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art is responsible for developing a relevant program of innovative, original exhibitions in collaboration with LCE and Marketing & Communications.

The Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art must demonstrate in-depth awareness of contemporary art in all media and be able to propose acquisitions that will enhance the collection of art and represent the important stylistic developments from the late 20th century to the present day, within the context of the Norton’s historical collection. They will also be critical in introducing those works to the Norton’s Works of Art Committee (WoAC) in their oversight of acquisitions. 

The Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art will collaborate with the Director & CEO, Chief Development Officer, and colleagues in Development to generate financial support of contemporary art through donor visits and grant and foundation applications, as well as to develop, expand, and sustain the Contemporary and Modern Art Council (CMAC), one of four collector groups at the Norton that consists of sophisticated collectors and enthusiasts who expect appealing programming that engages the vast and significant collectors in this community.

The Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art must be able to suggest, create, and conduct engaging programming through professional connections and propose adventurous ideas with LCE and Marketing & Communications colleagues.

The individual in this position must be familiar with requirements and approximate costs to realize exhibitions and be able to complete projects on time and within budgets, being accountable to the DCO&R on these matters. Additionally, they must be familiar with expenses associated with special installation requirements, honoraria, artist fees, and transportation.


In the following areas, the Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art will:


  • Create and organize exhibitions (including permanent collection rotations and traveling exhibitions) based on rigorous research and original ideas.
  • In the development of exhibitions, present a holistic project proposal that collaboratively incorporates educational and marketing programming, to be presented twice a year to the Audience Development Committee (ADC).
  • Following a schedule developed by the DCO&R, conduct research and write all exhibition didactics including introductory texts, labels, brochures, and, when budgeted, supporting catalogues.
  • Act as coordinating curator, in collaboration with the DCO&R, for guest-curated or other traveling exhibitions.
  • Determine the layout of exhibitions and, together with the DCO&R, Head of Installation, and the Graphic Designer, develop the exhibition design as well as installation schedule.
  • Assist in identifying and securing exhibition venues for traveling exhibitions.
  • In collaboration with the DCO&R and curatorial department staff, oversee installation of permanent collection galleries.• With Director & CEO, develop and revise the Museum’s Collection Development Strategy for expanding the collection, as well as make recommendations for acquisitions, write justifications and present to the Works of Art Committee (WoAC).
  • Conduct public lectures on exhibitions and collection; create engaging digital programs and online content; and build outreach to local, regional, and national and international communities for audience development.
  • Assist with the Norton’s Artist in Residency (AiR) program.
  • Build and maintain relationships with artists, dealers, curators, directors, critics, and journalists.
  • Together with DCO&R, examine the condition of the contemporary collection and work with registrars to determine conservation needs. Manage and oversee conservation projects from start to finish as well as suggesting de-accessioning plan in accordance with the Museum’s Collection Management Policy.


  • Develop and maintain relationships with collectors, donors, private funders, and foundations.
  • Assist with solicitation of funds for acquisitions in conjunction with Director & CEO and Chief Development Officer.
  • Represent the museum at national and international art fairs, biennials, exhibition openings, and other contemporary art world events.
  • Visit private collections and work to sustain interest in the Norton.
  • Work closely with the Director & CEO to cultivate donors in order to receive gifts of art that will increase the quality of the Norton permanent collection.
  • Assist Chief Development Officer, Director of Institutional Giving, and staff in writing grants for curatorial projects.


Strong candidates for the Glenn W. & Cornelia T. Bailey Senior Curator of Contemporary Art position will possess:

  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience with a history of innovative and meaningful exhibitions.
  • Excellent writing skills demonstrated by authorship of publications or associated texts on various media platforms, as well as strong public speaking skills and the development of lectures that contribute to meaningful dialogue within the contemporary art world.
  • Familiarity with international private collectors/collections.
  • Familiarity with international art fairs, contemporary galleries, and alternative, independent spaces.
  • Experience coordinating exhibitions from other institutions, smaller spotlight projects, and installing collection galleries.
  • Strong collaboration skills and knowledge of current best practices.
  • Awareness of, and professional associations and connections with, colleagues nationally (and internationally) at other public and private institutions, as well as with the exhibitions and projects being organized by colleagues.
  • Experience facilitating national and international loans.


Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.


Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Naree W. S. Viner and Tenley Bank of Koya Partners are the search team for this assignment. To express interest in this role please submit your materials directly to Tenley at [email protected]. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.


West Palm Beach, USA

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