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Post Date: 01 Jan 1970


Reporting to the Senior Director of Global Operations, the Registrar is responsible for the accurate and comprehensive management of gallery inventory, including location (gallery and off-site storage facilities), condition, ownership, installation, handling, packing, shipments, etc. as per gallery guidelines. The Registrar will also work in conjunction with the Leads on Exhibitions to ensure all logistical aspects for the planning, mounting, and dismantling of upcoming and global shows are established.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Inventory management includes:


  • Work closely with the Senior Director of Global Operations to manage storage needs and to ensure that works are in the optimal location
  • Monitor all inventory in storage to ensure it is properly packed and stored safely; identify artworks that require upgraded packing, source estimates for approval and book appropriate upgrades as needed
  • Make sure storage areas stay neat and organized; identify priorities for limited on-site storage in accordance with installation needs at the gallery and off-site viewing spaces, re-assessing daily and booking movements on and off-site to best maximize available wall and storage space

Packing and Shipping

  • Safeguard artworks by ensuring professional packing, shipping, and local transport
  • Coordinate crating and shipping to and from lenders, consignors/consignees, artist studios, other gallery locations and storage spaces domestically and internationally
  • Obtain shipping estimates in accordance with insurance requirements, gallery standards; customs and sales tax status, and present estimates to colleagues and clients
  • Manage and oversee post-sale shipping for all sold artworks both nationally and internationally, for all sales people, and 4 partners; advise collectors on shipping, customs, and sales tax laws, VAT and book vendors accordingly
  • Oversee packing and unpacking of all works at the gallery, documenting with insurance photos, and saving photos and handling notes to the database
  • Create shipping invoices and proforma invoices as needed; source, retain, and file shipping paperwork for record keeping and accounting, ensuring the gallery remains compliant with relevant laws
  • Negotiate pricing and logistics with vendors to ensure best handling of artworks, and to ensure gallery deadlines are met. Maintain a productive communication with vendors to facilitate ongoing relationships and to ensure that vendors continue to understand our service needs
  • Manage preparation, shipping, and consolidation for all artworks originating in the US and bound for Gallery art fair booths at multiple global fairs per year, in collaboration with global ops team.
  • Attend and contribute to several weekly meetings with colleagues, collaborating and advising on logistics

Photography, framing, and condition

  • Ensure works are photographed by a freelance photographer in a timely fashion, booking on-site and off-site photoshoot locations
  • Oversee framing with external vendors
  • Schedule professional condition reports for incoming artworks; file to Google drive
  • Arrange and oversee conservation treatments, seeking appropriate approvals for treatments according to the ownership status of the artwork, and documenting treatment process

Installation and exhibitions

  • Arrange shipping, unpacking, installation/deinstallation for upcoming gallery exhibitions
  • Organize occasional courier oversight from lenders
  • Following de-installation of every gallery exhibition, arrange return shipping of loaned artworks and onward shipping of sold works for any artwork that will travel nationally and internationally collaborating with global Ops team
  • Work with Preparator and freelancers to ensure staffing for upcoming installations and special projects
  • Work with Exhibitions and sales leads on scheduling, layout, lighting, wall paint, and fabrication of pedestals, vitrines, mounts, hardware
  • Working with sales team to organize frequent private art viewings in limited viewing spaces, navigating complicated and often overlapping schedules, with very little notice and facilitating important communication among sales team regarding scheduling
  • Work with architects to fabricate scale maquettes of exhibitions spaces, and make physical miniature artworks for designing layouts
  • Regularly and authoritatively advise colleagues on logistics and communicate logistics-related needs to colleagues to facilitate timely workflow

Information management includes:

  • Ensure all artwork records are up to date and accurate following Operations guidelines, performing regular audits of digital file and updates to database
  • Maintain documentation on installation and technical requirements, as needed
  • Compile and add all work information into gallery database with relevant tagging, sourcing, and contact tracing
  • Keep this tag up-to-date through the exhibition preparation process in conjunction with client development
  • Coordinate logistics for all aspects of works coming from museums (couriers, travel, etc)
  • Establish detailed de-install/install schedule with Operations and Exhibitions
  • Coordinate vendor scheduling based on the established installation plan
  • Construction, lighting, work photography, installation photography, etc.
  • Assist with supervision of art handlers during layouts
  • Coordinate installation photography
  • Collaborating with sales teams to ensure that proper paperwork is in place and fully executed with tight deadlines for incoming consignments and loans.


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Extremely detail-oriented and capable of prioritizing and executing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Creative problem solver
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Models a professional way of working
  • Passionate about the art world
  • Ability to exercise patience and authority in navigating complicated logistical scenarios, among many stakeholders.
  • diplomatic and discrete.
  • Communicative, collaborative, and pro-active


  • BA in Art History, preferred
  • 3+ years of experience as a Registrar in a high-end gallery, museum, auction house, or shipping company
  • Excellent MS Office skills
  • Experience with database management and other information management systems
  • Knowledge of Shipping, Customs, and sales tax Laws
  • Knowledge of packing, shipping, and art handling best practices
  • Must be available for gallery installations, openings, and other events as needed, which may take place over weekends or fall outside of normal gallery hours (9:30am-6:00pm)


New York City

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