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Post Date: 03 Oct 2022


Phillips seeks a qualified candidate for the position of Shipping Coordinator.

This is an administrative/customer service position focused on the transportation of artworks, jewellery and watches within Asia and in/out of Asia.

The function will also include tasks related to security and property control for both artworks, jewellery and watches.

Duties and Responsibilities

The list of duties, although not exhaustive, is listed below.

Shipping and Property Control

  • Manage internal transfers (between office, restorer, viewing/auction site and client premises) for artworks, jewellery and watches and ensure all security related procedures and property control procedures have been followed.
  • Ensure our warehouse and safe have an updated inventory report at all times, and ensure all physical movement of property is properly recorded in our system.
  • Prepare shipping estimates for both inbound and outbound property and coordinate between 3rd party shippers/agents and clients, whether items are pre-sale or post-sale. Ensure all packing, art handing and crating services have been followed.
  • Manage local collections and deliveries and liaise with either local shippers or security firms (for deliveries and collections) or clients (for post-sale collections) by working closely with buyers accounts.
  • Have working knowledge of import and export documentation and regulations and ensure these are followed for all import and export shipments. 
  • Manage all physical movement of properties for highlight tours in Asia and ensure all documentation is completed on time and according to local regulations.
  • Build relationships with local shippers and agents (specialized either in artwork or jewellery and watches) and ensure the best service standards are followed at all times.
  • Perform general administrative tasks linked to the import and export of property in/out of HK.
  • Process and handle payment, and respond to payment enquiries.

Professional Skills and Experience

  • A minimum experience of 1-2 years dealing with International Logistics and Shipping, with related experience in art, jewellery and watches industry is preferable.
  • Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience.

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to multi-task and work autonomously in a team-based environment.
  • Adaptability in handling time-sensitive shipments and last-minute scheduling.
  • Excellent customer service skills; Positive communication skills that are professional and yet friendly with co-workers and clients of Phillips.

Working Conditions

  • Work is primarily undertaken in our Hong Kong office with attendance at the warehouse as required.
  • The candidate must be flexible with regard to work schedules and weekend hours and be willing to work at all auctions and events.


To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to [email protected].


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