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Volunteer Writer
Volunteer Writer
Post Date: 10 Feb 2022


Who We Are & What We Believe?

Arcadia US is a non-profit organization that aims to share and spread high-quality content to people all around the world. It focuses on diverse sub-categories of art, literature, and history with many subcategories of Art in further work projects Arcadia requires. While focusing on art in the social media accounts, Arcadia also follows up with their academic team consisted of 70 international writers. Arcadia does write in many fields with University Academic level articles which in the aim of sharing the knowledge our team has so to make all the people around the benefit from this knowledge without any high charges.

Why This Position Is Remote / Online?

We believe that the internet is one of the greatest facilities that enable people all around the world to exceed physical boundaries. Arcadia welcomes any race, ethnicity, and diversity to its existing team and as an international company that has more than 14 different nationalities of members in it, we would like to support the diversity of nations in our team and enable people all around the world to work on the fields they like and build themselves on.

Arcadia, positions are remote/online due to the COVID19 pandemic and also to enable people all around the world to have the opportunity to work with our team.

Who We Are Recruiting For Position?

We, as Arcadia, looking for people who are interested in being a writer. We will be hiring 5 people to our team in these qualifications :

-Conduct quantitative and qualitative research on their project areas to achieving sustainable reading goals.

-Provide weekly one ( 1 ) writing for the decided content of the writing. Collaborate on the development and execution of online content ( Your article’s pictures, sources, etc)

-Provide sub writing for 101 series or test in two weeks ( 14 Day ).

-Other Relevant tasks as deemed necessary by the supervisor during your project.

‘’ All Team Members Are Also Provided With Education For Their Positions ‘’

Soft Skills & Strong Skills

-Build strong relationships and trust with editors and colleagues.

-Excellent writing skill, as well as strong grammar and creative word choices.

-Strict on the deadlines for content writing in seven (7) days.

-Contribution at monthly writer meetings which will be held online due to COVID- 19 Pandemic.

-Good communication on necessary information regarding your writing with the London team and Istanbul headquarters.


• Commitment to Arcadia’s mission to provide high-quality content to people who desire to learn the

beauty of Art and support Arcadia’s motto to enable education for those who can not afford but is in


• Sensitivity to cultural, gender-based, religious, racial, national, and age differences

• Highest standards of integrity and discretion.

• Strict on joining regular department meetings and discipline on deadline projects.

What We Offer

• An online certificate with an international serial number after completing 6 months in Arcadia

• Flexible working hours with project-based deadlines, which would enable you to choose the time to

work. ( 3-4 Hours İn A Week )

• Training sessions from our valuable and well-experienced team members.

• Being a part of our volunteer organization and the satisfaction of being a volunteer to do good to the


• A unique experience in the writing field through incorporating Arcadia US into your existing stories

Arcadia is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, familial status and other legally protected characters.


Remote, Worldwide

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