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The Enterprising Duo On Heels Theory
Fempire 06 May 2016

The Enterprising Duo On Heels Theory
Art consultant, Brand Strategist and Founder of NAAA, New York & London & Berlin

Art Advisor and Founder of NAAA, New York & Tokyo

Teriha Yaegashi and Juliette Premmereur are the spark plugs behind the newly launched advisory institution – The New Art Advisors Alliance. Peculiarly dedicated to adroit art advisors aged under 40, the Alliance sets its insights on supporting curatorial services for young arts professionals. Sharing the passion of providing visionary art advisory services in this ever-evolving market, the duo, who met each other while studying art history at Columbia University, founded the institution in April this year. With a long career in the gallery world, Juliette has worked for Paul Kasmin and Sperone Westwater galleries in sales and artist management, while Teriha has worked as a collection manager for the Japanese prolific artist Takashi Murakami and art consultant at the Ace Hotel Group.
Here, the visionary duo spent time with us to talk about their “definitely / always heels” theory, Ryan Nord Kitchen, and meditation.
Juliette and Teriha
My ideal working outfit looks like…
J: Simple professional dress from Maje or Sandro with one of their motorcycle jackets. No outfit coordination needed!
T: Elegant, minimal, professional, but unexpected. Above all, comfortable. Especially with traveling and being always-on-the-go, I like to throw on one key piece like a great coat by Isabel Marant, blazer by ADEAM, or my favorite earrings by Finchittida and keep everything else simple. The days are too long and important to fuss about what I look like and these are reliably beautiful. Also – similar to art – when I do splurge on beautiful pieces, I tend to gravitate towards the ones that have a great story behind them. For example, Finchittida has a social mission to clear the land mines and bombs in Laos that have been left in the country since the 1970s, with every piece of jewelry they sell. As a friend of the designers, I’m very proud to support their work.
Heels or flats… Which brand or style…
J: Definitely heels – of all kinds! I love the Spanish brand Castaner for the summer, they make very comfortable wedges that transition from day to night. In the winter I opt for Stuart Weitzman boots or rag & bone short booties. I also have to admit that you can also spot me running around with my Nike ‘Dunk Sky Hi’ wedge sneakers.
T: Until lately, it was always heels – Nicholas Kirkwood, Altuzarra, United Nude, lots of vintage, whatever looked craziest. Lately though, I’m driving around to back-to-back studio visits and meetings, so have mostly been sticking to simple black ankle boots or Nikes to keep things more efficient. Being hands-on when it comes to viewing and engaging the artwork is priority for me. Everyone should be looking at the art, anyway!
My favourite art-related blog/app is…
J: I’ve been loving the news section of Artspace, they have great interviews and content overall. I’ve actually assigned quite a bit from them as reading to my class the Gallery Business at Sotheby’s.
T: Instagram. It’s a great way to see different, very personal perspectives on art. It’s also wonderful to see different types of influencers engage with the work differently, and take the digital dissemination of art to the next level.
The last thing I bought and loved was…
J: A Ryan Nord Kitchen from Nicelle Beauchene in Miami. I absolutely love his use of color and his simple compositions remind me of Japanese prints. Nicelle is giving his first show in New York in April, he’s currently in a group show at Lulu in Mexico City with my friend Victoria Roth.
T: A crazy-looking Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garçons coat.
Most ridiculous thing I ever bought…
J: A Francis Bacon lithograph, it’s one of the only female nudes he ever painted. I had it as a poster in my bedroom growing up so upgraded to the real thing as an adult.
My necessary extravagance is…
J: Matchabar’s almond lattes, I’m addicted!
T: A slice of lemon in my water, whenever I can.
Juliette and Teriha
Three things/products I always need to have in my purse…
J: My cellphone, my phone charger, and my Paw Paw lip balm.
T: Business cards, headphones for calls, and lately, antibacterial hand wipes. You never know what you might run across!
My ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
J: Catching up on my reading while lounging in a hot bath with Diptyque’s bath oils. I’m obsessed with the smell of their products.
T: Taking a moment to feel grateful. A smile does wonders to ease tension and create a moment of peace.
My favourite merge of the art-and-fashion world…
J: I’ve been advising the shoppable magazine Semaine on all art & design, it’s so much fun! Semaine gives insight into the world’s most intriguing and influential Tastemakers that cross between fashion, culture, travel, food, wellness among other categories. It’s been an amazing experience learning how designers like Charlotte Olympia are actually inspired by contemporary artists.
T: I’m slightly biased, since I worked for Takashi Murakami, but – I’ll never forget how he took the world by storm when he launched his Louis Vuitton collaboration in the early 2000’s. It was like he’d opened the Pandora’s box. Say what you will about fashion and art collaborations, that moment changed the art market and is a defining moment in recent art history.
My most admired art world influencer…
T: The passionate, genuine collector. Each one is different, and has a different level of influence, no matter their budget. It’s the collector’s energy and willingness to support a work they love and believe in, that makes the biggest difference. It’s beautiful, really.
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
J: The way the art world is merging with design, fashion, and luxury industry. I’m interested in this crossover and have been consulting companies on how to branch into art.
T: Art is becoming more accessible. Now it’s time to be more selective, and support the artists who deserve it most.
Art makes me…
J: Believe.
T: Have a purpose.
Juliette and Teriha
What turns me on creatively, spiritually or emotionally…
J: Experiencing artistic creation of all kinds: from color field painting, experimental film, and poetry, to dancing all night long to electronic music. 
T: The simple things: meditation, reading nerdy entrepreneurship articles and books, a beautiful cup of tea – or a glass of rose, at lunch. Traveling whenever I can. And art, obviously. It fills every moment of my life.
The most arty city is…
J: It’s a tie between LA and Berlin, both for their physical and conceptual openness to new art.
T: New York and Tokyo. Tokyo has a fantastic arts scene that’s been pretty under the radar – it’s like my best kept secret, and I love to take people through it. Lately though, I think anyone can create their own digital worlds of art. The world is yours.
The perfect art-world gentlemen is…
J: My secret admirer, well-read and well-spoken on all things artistic, literary and poetic.
T: My boyfriend, Kentaro. I’m very lucky.
Artist(s) we should have on our watchlist is/are…
J: I fell in love with Donna Huanca’s large paintings and ceramic works at Peres Projects show at Independent New York.
Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the new color works by Daisuke Yokota, an experimental Japanese photographer, and Kei Imazu, a painter represented by Yamamoto Gendai.
You are two art world power girls: as a smart and good-looking woman, is it easier or harder to be successful in the art world than being a guy?
J&T: Even though the art world is made up of brilliant, driven women, we still feel like there is a male dominance of art organizations. We wanted to make sure the NAAA remains open to both men and women, and support everyone in ways they’re looking for. So far, we’ve mainly seen serious interest coming from a number of extraordinary professional women that have their own consulting businesses, though there have been some impressive men who’ve expressed interest as well. We’re thrilled to support everyone who is willing to share our vision, and we hope to provide a community that creates equal opportunities and supports women as well as men in their careers.
Juliette and Teriha
In which moment we decided to found NAAA together and the core idea is…
The core idea behind NAAA is to create a supportive network for forward-thinking, visionary art advisors, so they can each set up their businesses optimally and take their businesses further. Currently, there isn’t any other fine arts organization aimed specifically at supporting younger art advisors, and it seemed like an opportune time to do so, as art advisors are increasingly handling broader clientele bases and more functions than an art advisor used to. So, our mission for the Alliance is to be inclusive for all types of art advisors, and foster a multi-talented group. I came up with the idea shortly after I went independent full-time about a year ago and approached Juliette about becoming a co-founder, as we had become friends years ago, as art history undergraduates at Columbia and Barnard. Coincidentally, we had each gone independent around the same time after years of being in the art world, and while we hadn’t worked together before, I’d always admired Juliette’s expertise and drive. We curated a show together for the first time at the Spring/Break Art Show this year, and launched the Alliance shortly after. We’re so thrilled to share this with the world now.
Who would be your favourite dealer that you would be thrilled to have joining NAAA?
J&T: Amy Cappellazzo – but as part of our advisory board! The Alliance is really devoted to creating a platform so that newer art consultants and advisors feel encouraged to step up and speak up. The Alliance advisory board, however, features a diverse group of expert mentors who play different roles in the art world, and offer different perspectives to the members.
Whether we feel that there are a lot of joint forces in art dealing or are most dealers “individual fighters”…
J&T: Up till now, it seems like everyone was on their own and creating their own allegiances in secret. It’s pretty incredible to see what these established art advisors have built and achieved. They are role models. I (Teriha) am personally from a slightly different background though, having some corporate experience and working with entrepreneurs, creative teams and C-level executives, in addition to spending many years in the art world. Dipping into different industries, I saw the value in having excellent teams and the power of mutual support and true collaboration, in ways that are not conventional for the art world but are integral to entrepreneurship and larger, international creative companies. It became obvious that no one succeeds in a vacuum. While it requires an extra-delicate balance between cross-promotion, mutual support and discretion in the art world, I truly believe that as an Alliance, we can be supportive and each go farther. Compassion is the new cool, and luckily, we’re the types to be naturally inclined to support the people we admire and trust, and genuinely care about their successes, as well as our own. I’d much prefer that to isolation.
Instagram: @teriha & @julietteprem
Website: www.newartadvisorsalliance.com
Facebook: New Art Advisors Alliance
Photos by Teriha Yaegashi, Juliette Premmereur

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