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In Case You Missed It: What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture
Katy Perry Undercover at The Whitney Museum; Karl Lagerfeld Selling “Choupette” as plush toy; Va...
Entertainment 23 May 2017

Our eyes and ears did not catch a break this week from reading record breaking sales at auction, enviously stalking stars on Instagram at Cannes for the Film Festival, to bobbing our heads to the beat during the Billboards. Find out what else happened last week below!
#1 Japanese Collector Yusaku Maezawa Paddled Up Big Time!
The well heeled e-commerce entrepreneur, Yusaku Maezawa just made sensation in an auction room again. This time, the collector snatched an untitled art work by  Jean-Michel Basquiat for an astronomical sum of US$ 110, 5 million at Sotheby’s – that’s approximately US$ 22, 486. 40 per square inch according to artnet!
#2 Vincent van Gogh has a doppelgänger? 
An Australian artist who goes by the name of Matthew Butterworth has an uncanny resemblance to the late van Gogh. While posing outside the Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria, dressed up as the famous painter, with a sign reading “Free. Take a Selfie with van Gogh. (Look alike)”, he naturally became an instant hit. According to the artist, he posed for over 147 photos in 90 minutes (i.e over a selfie a minute).
#3 Want Karl Lagerfeld’s cat? You can now. 
Choupette-plush toy_theartgorgeous
The celebrated designer has made a stuffed toy version of his beloved and Insta-famous cat, Choupette. Only 2000 of these fluffly toys will be sold for £420, which will include a signed certificate (the cat has her OWN signature) and a brief explanation of whom you’ve adopted.
#4 Katy Perry pranked visitors at the Whitney Museum
For the launch of Katy Perry’s NSFW song “Bon Appetit”, the singer decided to pull a prank on visitors at The Whitney Museum. Visitors are ushered into a small room where a large sculptural table presides with Katy Perry’s head on a silver platter. Although, the joke falls flat as audience in the video above reveal slightly awkward reactions.
Photos via: @yusaku2020; Artnet; @sean1sm; dazeddigital.com

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