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The Californian Fiber Goddess
If you see a magic wall painting that involves pink colored sheep wool or dyed cheesecloth you might...
Fempire 02 May 2017

The Californian Fiber Goddess
Mixed media artist , Los Angeles

If you see a magic wall painting that involves pink colored sheep wool or dyed cheesecloth you might not unlikely be in front of a work by Kimberly Corday.

Based in North Hollywood, California a sheepskin duster at IKEA and made her excited to try taking it out of context.

She started enjoyed the dyeing, distressing and manipulating of various unconventional textiles and soon took on all things fibre in her artistic development while her practise is rooted in the notion of an ideal natural world.

Corday just opened her newest solo show at Andi Potamkin’s Three Squares Studio (half hair salon, half gallery) last weekend known as NYC’s top place to hangout and fall in love with your own hair and other’s art for art and fashion insiders alike.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
emerging artists are able to build audiences for their work online and those digital platforms are generating relationships between artists and designers. I also think it’s cool that collectors are seeking out and buying the work of individual artists, thereby supporting the artists directly and creating their own distinct collection.

Number of unanswered mails in your account…

My perfect working outfit…
My 90s overalls and paint-splattered RISD apron…I can never have enough pockets for my various scissors, sewing needles, etc.

My favourite new brand discovery…
I’ve been coveting the handmade overalls by Barracuda Brand lately (cause everyone needs a second pair, right?). Stumbled upon Alena Akhmadullina’s clothing online yesterday- instant designer crush. Her Fall 2017 collections looks like the style baby of David Bowie and a gothic empress.

My everyday online art read is…
To be honest, I’m so wiped out by the time I’m done in the studio that all I want to do is fall down a rabbit hole of assorted imagery (I’m admittedly a Pinterest fiend). But when it comes to keeping up with shows, I follow a handful of art guides on Instagram or dig for underground exhibits on the day I decide to explore a city’s art world. Note: The Art Gorgeous has been added to my weekend reads!


My necessary extravagance is…
Two answers:
On weekdays, exotic loose leaf tea and baths with lavender oil.
On weekends, sparkling wine and salted dark chocolate.

Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought…
When I was in fourth grade I bought three “Rings of Power” (from the Lord of The Rings) for the Frodo club I started. I basically just did it because I had a crush on one of the boys in the club but it ended with him throwing the ring at me because the metal turned his finger blue.

My ultimate secret after long working hours…
See question number 6.

My favourite collaboration of the art- and fashion world…
Hands down Maiko Takeda’s custom, light-emitting headdress for Björk. The art garment was featured in the singer’s “Lionsong” music video. It’s out of this world- check it out!

My favourite hashtag…

On my office table I always have…
My giant jug of water, loom, sketches, basket of thread, glasses (I always forget to wear them)…

The most arty city is…
My answer changes on a monthly basis from LA to NY. Right now I’d say LA. There are some really exciting young/alternative venues both budding and thriving out here.

Who are the best dressed in the art world…
Brooklyn-based curator, art dealer, collector, entrepreneur and treasure Andi Potamkin Blackmore.

Describe yourself with three emojis…
The cherry blossom cause I can’t get enough flowers in my life (despite the allergies). The scissors to represent my practice. The alien cause I’m weird.

Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Fernando Mastrangelo…to extract as much business advice from as possible, hehe.

Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
Tashi Fay, Sasoon Markarian, Cat Lauigan.

Photo by Kimberly Corday

Instagram: @kimmycorday

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Exhibition Coordinator
VETA - Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Brand Manager
Hackney Downs Studios - London, United Kingdom
Executive Assistance
Art Intelligence Global - New York, USA
Public Relations Assistant
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design - Heusden, North Brabant, Netherlands