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Artsy Hair Styles Fixing Every Art Girl Dilemma
There’s nothing Laetitia Ky's hair can’t do…
Art Girls Jungle 29 Jan 2020

Are you following Laetitia Ky on Instagram? Why not! The Ivory Coast based artist and hair goddess makes amazing sculptures out of her own hair, she even has tutorials on how to do so on her YouTube channel. Sculpting looks out of braids for every occasion, here are some of our favourite looks.  


For When You Have No Words

Sometimes you just can’t explain a situation. Sometimes you just don’t want to. So why have to? Let your hair do the talking…


For When You Want A Pet But Not The Maintenance Associated With It

Are you a crazy cat lady on the inside, but a busy art gal on the outside? Having a pet is more work than you might think, all the vet bills, food and tidying up after it… But, if you create one from your mane, then all that is taken care of!


For When You’re Too Lazy To Feed Yourself

Hungry? Want a snack but can’t be bothered? Perhaps it’s time to find another solution. Ky did just that by fashioning her mane into a grape carrier. A Grecian goddess for the modern age…


For When You Need Help Taking That Selfie

Sometimes your hands just aren’t long enough for taking that perfect selfie. Don’t have a selfie stick? Use your hands instead!


For When You’re Feeling Fem-powered

View this post on Instagram

Dear uterus, do you have something to say to all theses people that want to control you and decide for you ??? Uterus: F.U.C.K Y.A.L.L. The biggest group of people that follow me are american women so it was important for me to do something to show my support in the battle they are right now… if you dont know some states there, restrict the abortion law and i can feel the pain… in my own country we never had the right to do freely abortion… because of that, a lot of young women die everyday when they try to illegaly get rid of their pregnancy… because its illegal, they dont have access to safe way to do it and use sometime extremely dangerous things and ways to abort. Some women here are in the fight to have that right too… so i cant imagine after all the battle, have it, and dont have it after because some men will decide what we should do with our bodies. What happen in america is a lesson for all women around the word… our rights are never acquired. So after the fight to have them, we have to continue to fight to keep them…. a lack of vigilance and everything is taken back from us… this is sad but we all have to keep fighting… Abortion right is a woman right. OUR UTERUS OUR RULES. OUR BODIES OUR RULES. Stay strong. #abortion #womenrights #uterus #art #speak #battle

A post shared by KY (@laetitiaky) on

Want to show the world your appreciation for the female form? Nothing says girl power like wearing a uterus on your head. Nobody should be able to tell you what you can or can’t do with your body. Make a statement like Ky, who used this look to give her opinion over abortion rights in America. 


For The Perfect Holiday Outfit

Christmas may have been and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prep your outfit for next year. Why not take your queue from your Christmas tree, you’re bound to turn heads!


For When Your Specs Need Adjusting

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#tbt 2017 !! The first photo serie ive made that became viral !!! I was there with my 4000 flws and in a night it reached 10000. I was like omg wtf ???? All these people really like what i do ?? ??. Since this soooooo much things happened. Opportunities, disappointments, joys, cries… im so proud of this journey even if it's the beginning and i still far far far away of what i want to reach. Everyday i grow as an artist and person. Im extremely grateful to have you all by my side and having my back. Feeling that im not alone is a wonderful thing. I love every single person that support me. Thank for helping me to never give up even when im through my worst times. Thank you for all single like, comment and share. I have a lot of biiiiig and crazy projects. And even if i dont know how to achieve all of them im confident that i will realise all my dream cause i have you with me. I feel like i cant fail. Frlm the bottom of my heart, Thank you for the love. #grateful

A post shared by KY (@laetitiaky) on

Need to visit the optometrist? Can’t get an appointment, put your hair to work instead.


For When You Don’t Care About Society’s Beauty Standards

Can’t be bothered to shave? Don’t want to shave? Then don’t! Stick your fingers about to the man (it’s usually a man), and follow your own rules when it comes to your shaving (or non-shaving) routine.


For Halloween

Don’t have a costume? Can’t find one you like at the shops? Be totally original like Ky, make a statement with your hair instead!


For When You Need Some Help At The Gym

View this post on Instagram

My collaboration with @infinix_ci for their last phone the hot8 with their slogan "plus grand, plus puissant" (bigger, more powerful) made me want to create this image and share with you my little sport journey ! I am very far from being a fit girl. I do only 1 hour and 30 min of sports per week. but what I am most proud of is that since the beginning of this year for the first time in my life, I have remained constant with the decision I made to do some sport … Well before, I decided to workout and I always gave up shortly after. Seeing my mom suffer from diabetes has made me realize how important it is to live as healthy as possible. Eating well and workout have greatly improved my daily life in many ways. Physically but also mentally … I have more strength, more vitality and energy, I manage better my anxiety and i have more discipline. I am aware that it is really delicate to promote "healthy eating" and "workout". Some people perceives it as a way to accentuate the insucurities that some already have. I can understand this point of view. I know what it's like to be insecure. But know that the intention behind this type of promotion can be positive. Health is the most precious thing we have. We tend to take it for granted. We adopt sometime long-term habits that can be harmful. It's not about eating only vegetables, counting calories, have a lot of restrictions and spending 3 hours a day in the gym. NO. Let's just avoid the excesses and lets move as much as possible to keep our heart and body in good health. But above all, always, do it all with pleasure and deep self love, no matter what our goal is. ?. #strenght #healthy #jesuishot8 #workout

A post shared by KY (@laetitiaky) on

Working out is hard enough, but what happens when all the weights you were going to use have been taken by someone else? Well my friend, you can fashion your own and get to werk!


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