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Why Lana Del Rey Is The Ultimate Art Girl Icon
And it’s more than just her artsy music videos
Art Stuff 18 Aug 2019

Lana Del Rey is every art girl’s dream girl, the girl we all wished we were, but for some reason (not matter how hard we try), we haven’t quite got there yet. Lana AKA Lizzy Grant, has been putting us under her art spell ever since Video Games went viral in 2011 and its power has no signs of waring off any time soon. Never mind her music, look at her videos. They are glossy, dreamy visions of a bygone era, unreachable and perfect. When we turn to Lana’s appearance in them, we are faced with a vision of bouncy waves and thick cat-eye liner, captivating men and women alike in pastiches of Old Hollywood and vintage Americana. Lana’s make-up and wardrobe are constantly perfect — she never takes a day off to relax in track pants or a hoody — and she seems to always embody this completely effortless mood, as if she woke up and stepped out of a vintage film. In short, Lana’s whole vibe is a work of performance art in itself.
As Lana’s upcoming album Norman Fucking Rockwell! is set to be released at the end of the month, we’re here to let you know why Lana is the ultimate musical icon for those in the art world (as if you didn’t know already).
The Fan Art

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Love @mrbrainwash

A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

Ok, since we’re all about art here, let’s start with the obvious. Hundreds, probably thousands, of Lana’s fans have made fan art dedicated to their hero, and so have art world super stars. Just look at this beauty by Mr Brainwash. An innocent looking Lana can be seen picking flowers in a field full of blooms.
(We’re also kind of obsessed with the “love is the answer” sign peaking up behind the artist’s head, we’re pretty sure Lana would approve too.)
Lana’s Art

Yep that’s right, your favourite singer is an artist too. Well, kind of. Lana takes photographs and write poetry, the products of which she posts on her Instagram feed (and she’s also working on a poetry book). The pictures – that were probably taken on film – follow the aesthetic of Lana’s music videos: vintage and pumped full of nostalgia.

It also looks like she paints too. Just look at this artwork we found on her Instagram. The figure seems to be crying tears of rainbow joy, with the word “happy” written above her head.
The Men

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Proud of you Angel, and our track XO

A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

Collaborations with A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd, single covers with Shaun Ross and red carpets with Jared Leto, it’s hard not to be envious of Lana.
The Fashion

With the rise and rise of Lana’s music career, her outfits have moved from vintage chic, to designer vintage chic, all while channelling a twist of Nancy Sinatra and Priscilla Presley. Despite now being dressed by designers from across the globe, Lana still manages to maintain her trademark Old Hollywood look. A newfound muse of Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, she often appears in Gucci advertising along with fell muse Jared Leto, with the resulting ad campaigns always screaming perfection.
The Album Covers

If we start with the latest, you’ll notice that Norman Fucking Rockwell! looks like it could have been made by Roy Lichtenstein. It was in fact made by Lana’s sister Chuck, and stars Jack Nicholson’s grandson Duke alongside Lana. The comic-book style pays homage to the zines our grandparents would have read.

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All I wanna do is get high by the beach ????????

A post shared by Lana del Rey (@w00lridgegrant) on

Moving on to an earlier creation. High By The Beach sees Lana take on the role of a heavenly creation one might be familiar to seeing in a renaissance painting. With her head titled back, hair flowing in the wind, standing in front of the sea, the image has us feeling some serious Birth Of Venus vibes.
The Music Videos

It’s hard to know where to start here. But even Lana’s haters would agree that nothing compares to a Lana Del Rey music video. Lana has been making videos since she was 17, collecting vintage footage from archives and setting them to classical music.

Lana’s music videos include her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy in National Anthem to the moody pastiches of Video Games, which can only be equated to art. Bucking the trend for 21st century glitz, glamour and twerking, Lana’s films are homage to love and nostalgia. They are the kind of clips that you could quite happily watch in a movie theatre with a bag of pop-corn and a big cup of cola, and there aren’t many pop stars you can say that about.
The Family

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Missing my two angels today ????

A post shared by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

Lana’s siblings Chuck and Charlie are both artists too. Chuck is a photographer and has worked with the likes of Grimes, Gucci and GQ, and shot the cover artwork for Norman Fucking Rockwell! too. Charlie meanwhile, is a director, and is the brains behind Finesse’s latest music video Break the Steel.
Text Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @lanadelrey @woolridgegrant

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