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Last Summer news
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture.
Entertainment 20 Aug 2022

While you take the last break before the September’s rush and take the lasts margaritas, this happened in the Fashion, Art, and Pop world for this week.

1. Felipe Pantone’s Pool

Felipe Pantone is an Argentine artist based in Spain who carries the legacy of visual art to other levels in his blood. His passion for this art and colossal spaces and surfaces.
Makes this talent a social media star. His game with primary colors, always playing with the minimalism of forms, makes this artist unique in his generation.

The pool

The pool takes place in a luxurious house located on the shores of Javea beach in Spain; the design process began with a miniature prototype in which each colored tile was shaping the mosaic of pixelated colors.

This project began as a dream which materialized, the composition of the work is entirely made of mosaic, which gives the sensation of swimming in multicolored waves; this color palette also reacts to light, giving a magical effect to the viewer. This makes everyone dream of an arty Spanish summer, and what could be artier than swimming in a pool intervened by an artist. It is very fancy.

2. For Björk’s tenth album FOSSARA

Although it has been since last fall, she has us all waiting with this promise; We are already a few dates away from her release; It is an album that promises a world of introspection and intimacy of the personal events experienced by the artist in recent years after covid since alcove until the death of her mother the artist went through difficult times which she wants to convey to us.

The pseudo-clandestine parties also inspired her amid covid, where the music was heard between the houses with that fear of living. This and more of her situations made her replant to return to her roots in her native Iceland. All these survival mechanisms make us all dream of different utopias of life. FOSSARA will make many dreams and return from the basics to the essentials.

3. Dolce & Gabbana supports new talent Matty Bovan

The young creator Matty Bovan will have a particular element for the next edition of Milan fashion week. Although Bovine is similar to the Dolce & Gabanna universe, it has a more contemporary language that can help bring a younger audience riskier with colors and volumes. They are not afraid to take center stage. His type of project is the new brand trend that wants to open up to new collaborations and help young talents propel themselves.

Bovan is a New York creator who is not afraid to mix trends and Haute Couture and streetwear, an American who is sure to captivate Italians and will be talked about in the coming months.

4. British actor Anthony Hopkins in the NFT universe

I could say that, if I became a fan of your video dancing Colombian cumbia, this time, my brain exploded. The actor has announced that he is releasing a series of NFTs in collaboration with Orange Comet. The name of this project will be The Eternal Collection, giving us a nod to his remarkable acting career. The artistic universe of this nft is inspired by a futuristic world with a touch of mystery in his characteristic look, thus wanting to take his career as an actor to other levels and learn to evolve with technology and the digital market.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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