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Lockdown Hairspo From Art History To Save You
When the salons are closed, how about growing it all out like Venus?
Art Girls Jungle 08 Feb 2021

Wherever you are in the world, you must have been through at least one lockdown by now. And, even if galleries are open in your city, you’ve got to admit that things are far from normal. While many of us are stuck indoors, our hair care routines have gone out of the window. With little access to hair salons, our manes have garnered lives of their own. So, if you’re looking for what to do with your lockdown locks, here’s some art historical hairspo for you!

Grow It All Out Like Botticelli’s Venus

Image via @lovingpaintings

Since we can’t get a professional to snip off our split ends, why not be like Rapunzel and grow your hair for eternity. If it’s the favoured look of the goddess of love and most beautiful woman on earth, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Get Your Ribbons Out

Image via @arthistoriansworld

Margarita Teresa of Spain was often painted by Velasquez and always had an epic hairdo. This one is a particular favourite because only a future queen could look this good with so many bows in her hair!

Braid It

Artwork by Nivia Gonzalez via @thehairhistorian

When your hair is getting a bit too long and you just don’t know what to do with it, braiding is always a good idea. It keeps itself out of your way and it also prevents it from becoming knotted. Bonus, if you sleep with your hair in plaits it will be all wavy when you undo it in the morning!

Porcupine Hair 

Image via @thehairhistorian

If you’re feeling brave enough to reach for the scissors, this is something you might want to steer clear of. But hey, maybe you’re feeling expressive! Either way, the porcupine look will be sure to get you lots of attention!

Use Your Hair As A Necklace 

The Venetian Sisters by Federico Beltrán-Masses via @thehairhistorian⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

All of us are sporting longer locks than we’re used to, and a lot of us aren’t sure what to do with it. While we’re inside, we can experiment without feeling silly. And now is the perfect time to be silly! Why not make a hair necklace. See if your housemates notice! 

Bejewel It 

The Siren by Edward John Poynter via @thehairhistorian

We’re all about glitter and sparkle. We put jewels on our wrists and fingers, and put glitter and colours on our faces, so why not our hair?! Now’s an opportunity to try something you might never have had the time to play with before. You can start with little embellishments like this romantic number.

Defy Gravity 

La Llamada by Remedios Varo via @thehairhistorian

This look is super dreamy, and while Remedios Varo’s character looks like her hair is on fire, we’re not advocating for that. But, we do think it might be fun to use some gel and hairspray to let your hair move in another direction. Who knows what you might create!?

Dye It Pink 

Portrait by John Smart via @thehairhistorian

We’re often afraid to try things that are a little bit daring because of work or social commitments. IRL meetings and parties are few and far between these days. Why not use this time to hit the hair dye bottle? Who knows, it could be amazing!

Turn It Into A Bouquet 

Flora by Giuseppe Archimboldo via @thehairhistorian

Let’s use this time to do something fun! Flowers have often been used to spruce up hairdos in the summer, but why not take it to the next level. You could be a walking bouquet!

Pile It Up High 

Portrait of a Noblewoman by Charles-Amedee-Philippe van Loo via @thehairhistorian

Now our hair is getting longer, it always feels like it’s weighing us down, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Make like Marge Simpson – the OG icon – and pile it up high! You could even make like this lovely lady and wrap a cute scarf on top!

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