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LOVE – A Dinner Conversation
TheArtGorgeous partnered up to co-create an event for UNIQLO to celebrate Love.
Feature 12 Oct 2022

TheArtGorgeous partnered up to co-create an event for UNIQLO to celebrate Love.

Edith Löhle, Anna Maja Spiess, Caro Zeyher and Guests

On one of the last mild fall evenings, we had the absolute pleasure to sit down with an amazing bunch of inspiring humans to talk about LOVE. Presented by our friends at UNIQLO Germany, creators of modern classics that last you more than one season and offer upcycling and recycling options for the garments at their stores, we send out the invite for a night of laughter, conversation, exchange, and great food.

In terms of fashion, the love story goes like this: Any little human who joins our global family is first clothed by their caregiver. But rather sooner than later we develop our own idea of what is most “befitting” to us. What is most us, and wonderfully with Uniqlo being a Japanese brand that now touches all corners of this earth, the idea that the core of expression via style is human and not yet influenced by culture brings particular joy in this context.

UNIQLO Lifewear – Today’s Classics

We come into our being and no matter where and what circumstances, a little bit of our personality will have to be crafted into what is worn. As a symbol of who we are. And this outwardly little symbol of identity then serves to help others that want to befriend us or we them, that makes others want to fall in love with us, because – while this is to some extent a chemical process – we will find humans around the world that describe those they love, often by the way they carry and style themselves.

We invited two wonderful speakers to share their thoughts and ideas:
Edith Löhle started us off by taking us on the journey that led her to do what she loves as a feminist and human rights journalist, and Caro Zeyher, part of the wonderful female-led design initiative Matter of Course shed light on her love-infused practice as a designer of furniture that will last the owner a lifetime and often outlive those that are now in the happy position of owning and purchasing them. We talked about clothing passed down from grandmothers and friends, how a single garment can live many lifes. 

Nico Urban ( Uniqlo) and Guests at the Dinner

Unified by the idea that our consumerism while fun, and identity giving, must also be no longer be taken for granted, but exercised with care, fewer items, less throwing away, and more recycling, sharing and renewing we ended the night with a gifting circle.

Each dinner guest was invited to bring a preloved item (that would work across genders and sizes), share its story, and pass it on to someone else, who will now give it a new chapter in its story.

Hats gifted by elderly Italian gentlemen, gloves knitted by grandmothers, Indian scarves and small pouches that traveled far distances but also contemporary pieces made/ designed and crafted with love exchanged hands and found new owners.

A reminder that almost every piece we are willing to part with holds both a little bit of the pre-owners magic and also can be exciting and new to someone else. Buy consciously what you buy new, recycle and share what no longer brings you joy, and whatever you do, do it with Love, where just a few topics we all agreed on while the dinner carried well into the night.

Michelle Kronsbergs (Uniqlo) and Guests

Special thanks also to Kreuzberger Himmel, a restaurant by the incredible “be an angel” initiative by Andreas Tölke, you fed us so well.

Text by Anna Maja Spiess


About Uniqlo LifeWear:
Tokyo-Global apparel retailer UNIQLO just launched the fall/winter issue of the LifeWear magazine.The theme of this latest publication is “Today’s Classics,” showcasing designs that are at first glance traditional and basic but updated with modern details. Issue 07, 2022 Fall/Winter also focuses on clothing that reflects ingenuity and a commitment to quality manufacturing, contemplating the standards ofthe future through a variety of fashion stories and interviews.
Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing Group Executive Vice President, and Creative Director commented: “The 2022 Fall/Winter issue of the LifeWear magazine is a contemplation of old yet new, the timeless that exists in our world. The outdated disappears, while the flashy is soon dismissed. But old things that feel eternally new have special valueThe cover art borrows from the archive of textile-dyeing artist Keita Miyairi, presenting wonderful ‘old yet new’ artwork.”

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