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Taking a Selfie Can Be a Hard Job…
What's the formula of a successful Instagram feed and how could someone learn through the famous ins...
Art Girls Jungle 10 Nov 2016

In the fussy virtual world of Instagram, a strikingly beautiful young girl made the art world talking about her. Her face wears enigmatic expressions while updating her Instagram feed with various and controversial pictures from her life. She is one hundred percent committed to her art project ‘Excellences & Perfections’: her name is Amalia Ulman.
Creating a very successful account on Instagram via @amaliaulman, the 27-year-old Argentinian-born, Los-Angeles based artist in Koreatown and recent graduate from Central Saints Martins London college convinced some thousands of instagramers -one might be you, too- with her fake wannabe model-like-pretty girl persona who loves living a luxurious life, eating and partying in expensive hotels and restaurants.
Inspired by her moto ‘Being a girl is not a natural thing’, her daily routine was always captured in beautifully taken selfies in sexy poses, showing off with handsome boyfriends in posh settings. Nevertheless, her story was not that simple, as she filled her Instagram feed with more provocative and aggressive posts which definitely boosted her online myth.
On a tireless battle for hitting more ‘likes’, Ulman smartly decorated her story with more fantastic events; posts about how it feels like being pregnant, how a cute baby-sugar girl like herself transformed into an alluring escort to post-boob augmentation surgery pictures under the hashtag #frankenboob.
After the disillusion, fuss and excitement her hoax story ended; what someone could learn through Amalia Ulman’s recent Instagram story?
Model Life:
Rule #1, Don’t get drifted/lured by narcissistic strivers
One of the basic stories, Ulman decided to invent for her Instagram project and to show how someone can manipulate her audience, was to pretend to be a young LA-based model. Perhaps, rule number one could be: think twice when a cute girl or boy poses on phone after a hard day trying to catch all the castings in town for big fashion brand campaigns. How many model-like accounts do you follow on Instagram? I assume a lot. You should better become more suspicious with the new wannabe Kate Moss.

Rule #2, Don’t get drifted by a so-called mother

You might have friends who feel more familiar with sharing their private life on social media today, while you will also have come across weird posts on your feed making you wonder what it is going on with your friends. This is how Ulman’s friends reacted when informed her followers with a pregnancy test kit on her hand that she was going to be a mum soon. Ulman’s initial intention was to captivate her fans attention through that trick making her online narrative attractive for the following days.

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A post shared by Amalia's Instagram (@amaliaulman) on

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Got milk?????

A post shared by Amalia's Instagram (@amaliaulman) on

Plastic Surgery:
Rule#3 Don’t get drifted by #frankenboob hashtags

Ulman’s project was named ‘Excellences and Perfections’ and definitely illustrates her goal to convince her followers to expect the perfect image of a young girl. According to Ulman, perfection for a self-confident pretty-pink girl also means to have big boobs. It happens many times with pictures to be very persuasive but kindly be prepared to recognize an emphatic lie next time when a sexy girl shows off her ‘new’ boobs or lips; especially when they write in posts how safe and happy they feel after the cosmetic surgery as well as her excitement to taking bandages off.

Posh Lifestyle:
Rule#4, All that glitters is not gold

The materialistic aspect of life in pictures is a common phenomenon on social media nowadays. Walking on golden Gucci high-hills and wearing a Chanel fur on a Saturday night-out, makes you think how many can afford such a luxurious outfit. Ulman’s model style was proved compelling enough leaving no margin of not being able to support such an attitude. However, the truth is that it was another lie.

Rule#5, Dating an Abercrombie model isn’t always easy

A young, sexy and pretty girl has always to be surrounded by handsome model-like men. Ulman’s persona was powerful and capable of having imaginable love relationships with sexy guys. A young girl who feels able to have a very successful lifestyle and career in a competitive city such as Los-Angeles is another asset for an attractive Instagram account which makes you want to follow.

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Isn't it nice to be taken care of✨

A post shared by Amalia's Instagram (@amaliaulman) on

Being an Escort:
Rule#6, Working as the new Christian Grey’s fetish girl isn’t that common

Ulman’s story showed a brave transformation from being an innocent sugar-baby girl to a temping escort. But this only happened in the visual world of her Instagram wall, as Ulman also deluded her followers through these provocative posts. Sexy attitude with a cheeky guise while posing erotically leaving the rest to your fantasy are not enough for someone to be introduced as the next hot sex worker. Hey, also bear in mind sexually minded hashtags such as #bitch or #sexygirl are obviously nice traps.

Luxury Settings:
Rule#7, Don’t be that vain!

Well-known hotels or very expensive restaurants are another ticklish way to gain more likes on your post. People always tend to like places that look stunning but cannot visit; it’s trendy going to fancy places and take pictures rather than showing boring bedrooms.

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Ready to go!

A post shared by Amalia's Instagram (@amaliaulman) on

Rule#8 Taking a selfie can be hard job
What someone can learn from Ulman’s online story is that even selfies isn’t an effortless job. Almost all selfies of this idealized woman were painstakingly taken in poses and locations she had pre-planned. Her online persona had to be presented in way that seems she didn’t appear to be putting a lot of effort in doing so. It’s not a natural situation for a girl to be perfect on the phone camera only with one simple click.

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Rise and shine ????

A post shared by Amalia's Instagram (@amaliaulman) on

Photos: Amalia Ulman’s Instagram

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