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David Henry Nobody Jr.
Men Crush 23 Mar 2017

Mr. Fantastic Nobody
David Henry Brown Jr. is NY based artist – often placing his physical body into the work.
His work first became notorious when he impersonated New York socialite Alex Von Furstenberg crashing parties for a year in 2000. Sixty photos document “Alex” meeting the Clintons, Puff Daddy and other luminaries. The project was shown as his first solo show in new York and created an international news scandal, appearing in global media.
David says the idea of his bizarre self-portraits lampoons the representation of Instagram cliches and stereotypes.
His extremely original, sometimes slightly disturbing, “anti-selfies” are resulting in a huge crowd of followers on social media being fascinated by his instrumentalisation of toys, wigs, magazines or food.
The theme of the Fantastic Nobody – the loser that acts like they are famous but who is not – drives David’s work deeper inside the images and social masks of an image obsessed culture and the Stalking Donald Trump series, Wax Museum Host project, post 9/11 Fashion series or Pizza Infinity series are just some of his ongoing new projects. Stay tuned.
My signature outfit is… I like the shock of deli meat strapped to my face, first thing in the morning, a bit of face paint thrown in doesn’t hurt, why the fuck not, some viscous colored peanut butter while we are at it. There we go. It’s so me, it doesn’t need my signature.
The best style advice I was ever given… “the only way to deal with the garbage, is to wear the garbage” – Johnny Rotten.
I would never wear… I will wear anything, totally not the embarrassed or uptight type.
Number of unanswered mails in your account today… i answer all my emails except for the ones from my stalkers and haters on instagram.
My favourite travel device is… my iPhone is my digital me and i would mostly be on it on a flight. i also always scour the plane and figure out which person i would quickly have sex with in the event of an emergency, at least i would die fucking!
On a plane I normally spend my time… sleeping working eating chatting listening to music dreaming of my next great work of art.
Top 3 songs on my headphone…Elliot Smith “bottle up and explode” Ween “roses are free” The Stooges “i hate you and i hate me”.
In the gym I… fuck the gym i don’t go, but i do eat pretty healthy and try to prepare a majority my own food. i don’t drink alcohol. i don’t smoke. i ride my bike all over NYC, I’m an old school pro street rider, former bike messenger. it keeps me skinny and makes my ass “Al dente”, lol.
What’s on for dinner… Baked chicken and organic steamed chard and sweet potatoes is all too often my go to dinner. fun filled fact: where ever i have lived, i always find a cafe i like and go there every single day and always order exactly the same thing. in the last years it is an H&H plain bagel toasted with cheddar and an organic egg with salt and pepper, no butter and a small coffee. this is how i make friends in the neighborhood, like Coco Dolle who kindly included my work into her curation at the Spring Break Art Fair.

If I could host a party for anyone it would be for Like 500 hot and brilliantly intelligent women and just me, as the only man, i don’t like partying with dudes anyway.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that… i find that whats happening creatively on the internet and Instagram to be a lot more interesting than the art world, which is mostly really pretentious and stuffy these days. I’m turned on by imagination more than art. i love when the 2 come together, and i am fuckin’ trying to make this happen!!
My daily art read is… instagram.
In my bedroom I have an artwork by… My whole live work space has my work from many different periods from the last 25 years all over the walls. I’ve collected the work of a few oddball outsiders and a few friends. i find stuff on the street also.


The most arty city is… Berlin, i lived there in 2007-2008 after winning a six month residency to Switzerland.
My favourite art-world ladies are… Yoko Ono, Gillian Wearing, Sophie Calle, Louise Bourgeois ….hmm i know there is a shit load more names that i could add.
Instagram: @davidhenrynobodyjr
Images from David Henry Nobody Jr

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