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Michelle Gomez Is the Artist Coach You Didn’t Know You Need Right Now
Red jumpsuits and Money earrings, ALWAYS
Career 12 Apr 2020

Michelle Gomez / Born in/my current home: Miami, FL (305 till I die!) / Life and Business Coach for the world’s best artist coaches + Founder of The New MFA!

1. In the art world you currently find most exciting that…
Artists are exploring more of their independence as Artpreneurs thanks to online marketing, selling via Instagram (with the help of my coach clients at The New MFA)! I just wanna collect photos and paintings from all my art boss babes on IG!

2. Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
93 (Thank god for my assistant.)

3. Perfect outfit to create/perfect outfit to sell art… 
Red jumpsuits and my Money earrings, ALWAYS.

4. Your everyday online art read is… 


5. Most ridiculous thing you ever bought…
Platform heels after the Hustlers movie came out. Mind you, I never wear high heels, and I ended up falling on my ass at my client’s solo show exhibition that I coached her on. $120 later, and never wore them again, lol.

6. After a bad day in the art world, you need…
Time to twerk in front of the bathroom mirror before taking a shower followed by healing affirmations. Just being honest.

7. On your office table / in your studio you always have… 
A pink journal that says “Only do what your heart tells you.” – Princess Diana

It was the first journal to jot down notes from my first coach (and spiritual awakening). I always flip through the first few pages to show the world’s best artist coaches how to sell their first coaching program!

8. Favourite art x brand collaboration…
Oooooh, before I became an Artist Coach, I was a curator and wedding planner in my first art biz Creative Unions Event Design. And I was trying to find innovative plates inspired by Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party” for an alternative wedding dinner table setup. I fell in love with these plates by Judy Chicago in collaboration with The Prospect NY!

9. You first post on Instagram… 

10. Favourite hashtag…
#thenewMFA, duh!

11. Your art world girl crush… 
My gorgeous goddess client Amira Rahim who is painting to heal goals AF.

12. Describe yourself with three emojis…

13. Art boy I would love to have lunch with…
Gustav Klimt. In a past life, I would have been like… “Paint me like one of your french girls.”

But since he is dead, I asked my art boss babe community online for their advice because my feed has no dudes. They recommended I have lunch with Eddie Garcia 🤣!

14. Favourite new artist discovery… 
I just loooove the animated illustrations of Xaviera Lopez. They scream everything I embody: women, healing, and my favorite colors red and black.

15. #artworldgoals?
More artists becoming artprenurs learning about emotional intelligence while masterING the fine art of life, love, and business being coached by the world’s best artist coaches at The New MFA.

So in a nutshell: less artists six figures in debt after art school, and more artists surpassing six figures doing what they love, with more love!

Images by Celia D. Luna
Instagram: @michelleigomez @thenewmfa

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Social Media Manager 
Vogue Italia - Milano, IT
Junior Presentation Designer
Howard Hughes - Remote
Head of mediation
Weserburg - Bremen, Germany
Blikopeners Coordinator
Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam