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Munich's Hip Hop Cousins Just Got Their Hands on High Fashion
Mehmet & Kazim teamed up with couture label Talbot Runhof
Art Stuff 03 May 2019

In 2010, cousins Mehmet & Kazim Akal officially founded their artists duo, “Mehmet & Kazim” and just finish their diploma Studies the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.

Having a background in graffiti and breakdance before their artists career, their signature style are red & white paintings or installations, rooted in the Turkish meaning of their last name “ak” (white) and “al” (red) and their creations are heavily influenced by hip hop culture.
With the show “Featuring”, the cousins teamed up with the German couture label Talbot Runhof during Berlin Gallery Weekend and presented a smart clash between emerging art and elegant robes.

Using the brand`s fabrics, Mehmet & Kazim created a series of tongue-in-cheek mixed media works being currently on show in Talbot Runhof`s Berlin showroom – aimed to travel across Europe over the next couple of months.

20190502_“Foto am Strand”_theartgorgeous
Foto am Strand, 2019.

20190502_“Shine bright like a...”_theartgorgeous
Shine bright like a…, baby Version!, 2019.

6’n da mornin, 2018.

“We are intrigued, how playful, yet minimalistic the works of Mehmet & Kazim work with codes. We immediately recognised parallels between their work and our creations and are glad they liked the idea to collaborate from the very beginning”, stated Adrian Runhof in the collaborations official release.

Eva Adele & Adrian Runhof

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