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Navigating Your First 6 Months in Your New Job
A Practical Guide to Success - Mastering Your First 6 Months in the Art World
Career 06 Nov 2023

Starting a new job in the art world is an exciting but challenging endeavor. Whether you’re an art curator, gallery assistant, or any other role within the industry, the first six months can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. To make the most of this crucial period, it’s essential to focus on the right priorities. In this guide, we’ll break down what you should concentrate on during your first three months and your subsequent three months to ensure a successful start in your new job.

First Three Months: Getting Started

  1. Get to Know Everyone
    Build a network within the art community by attending events and meetings. Relationships are crucial in this field.
  2. Understand How the Business Works
    Learn the ins and outs of your organization’s processes and goals.
  3. Identify Your Senior Leaders
    Know who holds influential positions within your organization to align your career goals accordingly.
  4. Clarify Your Role and Responsibilities
    Establish clear communication with your manager about your job expectations.
  5. Set Your Initial Objectives
    Define specific, measurable goals for your role in collaboration with your manager.
  6. Learn and Listen
    Absorb knowledge, ask questions, and seek feedback from colleagues.

Next Three Months: Building Momentum

  1. Deepen Your Understanding
    Continue to learn about the art world and your organization’s dynamics.
  2. Strengthen Relationships
    Cultivate rapport with key stakeholders, including senior leaders.
  3. Create an Action Plan
    Develop a detailed plan to achieve your yearly objectives in alignment with your manager.
  4. Maintain Clarity on Objectives
    Ensure both you and your manager are clear on your goals and progress.
  5. Begin Adding Value
    Contribute meaningfully to projects and initiatives using your skills and network.
  6. Embrace the Learning Curve
    Don’t stress if you still feel uncertain at times; adjusting takes time.

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