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Neon Badassery of Wit and Will
Known for her collection of vintage haute couture and notable social insights, her early recognition...
Fempire 05 Sep 2017

Neon Badassery of Wit and Will
Artist and Emotional Autobiographist, Wyoming, San Francisco, & New York

Known for her collection of vintage haute couture and notable social insights, Suzy Kellems Dominik`s early recognition came as a gymnast of the U.S. National Gymnastics Team. She was invited to serve as Couture & Culture Correspondent of the Elite Model Look, Shanghai and juggles various talents apart from being probably one of the most fashionable artists you will ever meet. And while doing all that, she just opened a solo project in NYC last month filled with fearless multi-sensory installations tackling feminity. Not enough? Ok fasten your seat belt:
Kellems Dominik owns an American Gothic chapel and an Irving Penn farmhouse as well as an old, retro gas station called Clementine which she will be renovating and opening as a Prada Marfa-esque shop and event space and has two studios in NYC and San Francisco, with probably the coolest names: Ballroom East and Ballroom West
Who wonders that we were excited to catch up with her…

03Suzy Kellems Dominik_theartgorgeous
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…

There is an opening for my anarchist notion to look back to inform the present. One cannot break the rules if one does not know that they exist. To label our base humanism, acting as agitator to abandon the current “group think”.

Number of unanswered mails in your account…

My perfect working outfit…
A Rick Owens skirt, long sleeved tee, Adidas originals, Codognato and an attitude.

My favourite new brand discovery…

I adore 1stDibs and Farfetch

My everyday online art read is…
Breakfast with ARTnews
01Suzy Kellems Dominik_theartgorgeous
My necessary extravagance is…

Straus Family Creamery 2% milk with cream in the throat of the glass bottle. I eat the cream, then the milk, YUMMY!

Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought…
An 1843, American Gothic Church while at 30+K feet in the air. A girl wants what she wants.

My ultimate secret after long working hours…
I like to visit a Korean day spa, have a Ketel One martini, up with olives – filthy – and wagyu.
Suzy Kellems Dominik_theartgorgeous
Favourite collaboration of the art- and fashion world
Marie Laurencin, Coco Chanel and the Ballets Russes! In 1923, emerging artist Marie Laurencin and Coco Chanel were both designing costumes and sets for productions of Ballets Russes, Les Biches (The Does) and Le Train Bleu (The Blue Train), respectively. The established Coco Chanel commissioned Marie Laurencin to paint her portrait. As may happen with powerful clients, Coco despised the portrait, refused to pay, and Marie denied all further requests from Coco, and the portrait now hangs in L’Orangerie, in Paris. I may have a Laurencin or two in my personal collection…

My favourite hashtag…

On my office table I always have…

MacBook Pro, iPhone 7, Sony camera and lenses, project book, pencils, gold spray paint, Beats, inspirational large format books and research material, Hermes scarf, flowers, conch shell and pieces of new work. And always my scent, Narcisse Noir (1911) Caron, which I have worn exclusively since the age of 11.

The most arty city is…
New York, where we have the past (The Met, Whitney), the present (MOMA, Whitney) and the future (anyone with a dream and attitude) all on one TINY island/city!
02Suzy Kellems Dominik_theartgorgeous
Who are the best dressed in the art world…
Cecilia Dean, strong, innovative and in charge. Tatiana Sorokko, a former Russian model, turned journalist and gallerist with husband Serge Sorokko (Gallery) is the epitome of taste and style. Annually voted to Harper`s Bazaar list of “150 Most Fashionable Women”, Tatiana transforms vintage treasures, and Ralph Rucci couture creations alike, into coveted looks. Look for her exhibition of fashion at the Hermitage Museum, in Saint Petersburg, in 2019. Antwaun Sargent too, keeping it EASY, and Waris Ahluwalia.

Describe yourself with three emojis…
?? DARK HEART_THERTAGORGEOUS PinkHeartEmoji_theartgorgeous

Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
It seems completely unkind to have me choose only one! Maybe a series of lunches, pretty please?! Having said that, if it is one only, I choose Ross Lovergrove – you have to adore a man who understands form and function!

Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
Me and Stephen Wilson Studio
04Suzy Kellems Dominik_theartgorgeous
Photos by Suzy Kellems Dominik, Jack Hutch and Iris Chenqi
Instagram: SuzyKellemsDominik
Website: www.suzykellemsdominik.com

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