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New Year’s Resolutions From Our Favourite Art Girls
How they plan to be even more fabulous in 2020...
Feature 30 Dec 2019

2019 was a mad year in the world of art. From bananas to galas, everything went a little crazy, and it’s now time to look ahead to what 2020 has in store for us. Do you have a long list of goals to achieve in the new decade? And how do our favourite art girls plan to make 2020 their best yet? Well, we asked them for their resolutions!
Hiba Schahbaz, Artist @hiba_schahbaz
Portrait by Cidney Hue
“For 2020 I want to fill my being with love and gratitude, give more love and time and resources, give openly and without fear, be a positive force for change in the world, travel to beautiful places and have new experiences, learn how to fly a plane or go wing walking and call my parents more often” 
Daria Khan, Founder Mimosa House @mimosahouselondon
Photo by Daria Marchik
“Learn Korean, sync my cycle with the moon, apply for a Phd” 
Lolita Cros, Curator, The Salon at The Wing @l0l0lita
Photograph by Pamela Hanson
“Same one every year: cook at home more/learn how to cook”
Natasha Arselan, CEO Auc Art @natashaarselan
“To stay focused and honest” 
Selena Cerami, Founder Eve Leibe Gallery @_selena_cerami
“See more exhibitions, research more artists, visit more studios, travel more” 
Tatiana Stern, Lazy Mike Gallery
“My only New Year resolution is to be more myself, no matter what other people think. And to get rid of needing anyone else’s approval. ” 
Alena Kurmasheva, founder of Osnova Gallery @osnovagallery
“Improve physical well-being: eat healthy food, exercise more, work and think positive, and start my paper planner from January, 1.”
Text Lizzy Vartanian

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The Armin Bar (NYC|Milan) - Milan, Lombardy, Italy
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