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New York Art week is on fire
A weekly wrap up of art, fashion and pop culture
Entertainment 06 May 2022

While you try to understand the crazy met gala moments and try not to lose your mind with this arty reference attack, this was what happened in the middle of art and fashion.

1. Rihana Greco Roman sculpture

Although the queen of pop, originally from Barbados, was not present, she was represented and honored by a Greco-Roman sculpture in marble. This artistic digital work left many with sighs and the desire to see the queen immortalized as a Greek goddess.

The video simulates that the sculpture is in the Greco-Roman pavilion of the met museum, replacing the statue of Eirene (the supposed personification of peace), where her silhouette shows Rihanna with her pregnant belly simulating a kind of Venus of fertility. Ourcolleagues from vogue scored a goal with this representation inspired by the latest cover of her and the pop star.

2. TEFAF New York

The artist spring arrived in New York City, which this week dazzles the art world and brings out its best clothes, for its sample is the return of Tefaf that since 2019 for obvious historical reasons, could not open its doors. This year the appointment is Park Avenue Armory from May 6 to 10, 2022, and will be preceded by its usual pre-opening for art lovers and VIPS; this year, it will bring together 91 international galleries; the coals are ready and with their best clothes to resume the American market.

Although it is well known for its vast offer in the world of the secondary market, the fair will also have recommendations in contemporary art, jewelry, design, and even a session dedicated to antiques—everything you need to give the best offer in the art market in New York. The icons of art in New York know it.

 From pop icon to pop icon

There is no better title than this for Kardashian’s presentation during the Met Gala, which has generated many reactions and achieved its number of goals of overshadowing another star in a system based on controversy. But perhaps Marylin in her day was not also the exactequivalent of the famous icon that outraged puritan society in thepost-war era. Exactly whether they like it or not, she is the pop icon of our current culture, so the association between the two divas is correct and the selection of the museum to make this marketing move is correct, although it shocks many of us. It is an excellent mediation tool.

The importance of this iconic dress.

Everyone who knows a little about Marylin’s life knows of that moment that marked the history of the united states when she sang happy b-day to president Kennedy. Everything was correct up to that point; what was an atomic bomb was the hyper-sexualized way she did it if Marylin chose to wear a dress made to her measurements,which simulated the idea of ​​nudity this accompanied by her siren voice, an obvious is a possible “strategy that she clarified her ties with the president of the time. Not in vain, the diva will die threemonths later, stoned for that moment of eroticism and certain emancipation.

So we return to the same point of comparison. Finally, the two divas are constantly stoned by the public; they love them, hate them, and criticize them, but they want them to present a particular way of a toxic love for pop icons that we still have to work on as a society. The point to be rescued from this action is the agility of marketing and mediation and the audacious way of revisiting the 60 years since the disappearance of a pop icon.

PETALOS DE PIEDRA, Continua Habana Cuba

From New York to Cuba, we take a trip for refreshed us a bit from the new yorkers’ spots. This direct ticket to connect with our roots. Theappointment is in the art space Continua art space created in HavanaCuba, which will present its new project entitled “PETALOS DE PIEDRA,” by the Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou. in the company of local artists such as Alejandro Campins, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Elizabet Cerviño, Carlos Garaicoa, Osvaldo González, Luis López-Chávez, José Mesías, Susana Pilar and José Yaque.

The sample is a metaphor dedicated to a cascade of stone petals in the country. Pieces of debris have been scattered throughout the gallery threatening the serenity of the previous exhibition, interrupting the works, and invading the space. a poetic and unique way ofapproaching the socio-political picture of this country

These rocks have the potential to be reborn; they are complicated events that invite us to play a game.

For Tayou, color has several levels of meaning. She celebrates life through her very presence and allows him to change her mood as if she were taking a vitamin. At the same time, she uses it as a vehicle to talk about diversity and inclusion. For him, it is both a space for joy and a language for activism.

A moment of reflection between the present past and, above all, the hope for the future.

Opening: Friday, May 6, 2022, 7 p.m. Until August 21, Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Golden Eagle, Ray 108 between Zanja and Dragones, Chinatown, Havana Center, Cuba.


Text by Sophia Thowinsson

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