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NFT Happy Hour
Andy Warhol, Gucci and the Olympics
Art x Tech 08 Nov 2022

Another week, another string of headlines about NFTs. We’re pretty sure that most of it went over your head as much of the art world is still trying to grapple to understand what exactly a non-fungible token is. And, while we can’t give you a full explanation of the technicalities, we can provide you with the top NFT headlines from the past week. So grab your drink, and welcome to the NFT Happy Hour! 

Andy Warhol NFT Brings In More Than $3 Million

Image via @christiesinc

Andy Warhol is no longer with us, but he is still making art! Well, kind of. Five unique NFTs from drawings stored on Warhol’s floppy disks – remember those? – were restored in 2014 and then minted by the Andy Warhol Foundation. The images comprise of glitchy renditions of Warhol’s famous soup cans and look scarily 2021. No other NFTs will be minted from these files and they just sold at Christie’s for $3,377,500. Not bad for a floppy disk!

Kenny Schachter Eats Flowers NFT

Ok, so we’re not sure if this is legit or not, but how can you not smile at this? Unit London recently posted a video on TikTok of Kenny Schachter eating pink and yellow tulips and captioned it “Kenny Schachter’s NFT: Eating The Bubble.” We dig it. 

Olympics Release NFT Pins

Image via @nwayplaynft

You may not be able to go to Tokyo this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the Olympic Games in your own special way. The inaugural set of NFT Olympic pins are soon to be up for grabs via nWayPlay. The works commemorate olympic history and The Olympic Heritage Collection will be available from June 17.

Sotheby’s Curated NFT Sale Opens For Bidding

Image via @sothebys

Following its debut foray into NFTs through a sale with an artist called Pak, Sotheby’s has just launched a curated sale which is running online until June 10. The Natively Digital sale includes works made throughout the seven-year history of the non-fungible medium. Of course, cryptocurrencies are an accepted method of payment and we’re intrigued to see the results!

Gucci Releases First NFT Via Christie’s

Image via @floriasigismondi

Sotheby’s isn’t the only major auction house to have a curated NFT sale this week. Christie’s latest curated NFT auction – Proof of Sovereignty – included the first NFT made by Gucci in collaboration with filmmaker Floria Sigismondi. Proceeds from the sale are going towards UNICEF to support COVAX, helping to supply Covid-19 vaccines across the world. The non-fungible work comes in the form of a looped three-channel video and sold for $25,000.

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