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NFT Happy Hour
From Reddit to Burberry
Art x Tech 06 Jul 2021

Hey art squad, are you tired of trying to understand non-fungibles? Does the mere mention of the word “NFT” give you a headache? Don’t sweat about it! We’re here to make NFTs light and easy. So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and let us gently update you on the biggest NFT stories from the past week at our NFT Happy Hour!

Reddit Joins The NFT Game

Cult social network Reddit has just joined the NFT game. The site is auctioning three NFTs of its cartoon logo on Opensea. Called CryptoSnoos, the works can be bought in Eth and are sure to make $$$$. 

Paris Fashion Week VIPs Given NFT Artwork

Image via @ono_agency

Fashion junkies lucky enough to be a VIP at Paris Fashion Week are being offered NFTs of an artwork by Richard Haines during men’s and couture weeks this July. The collaboration is a special project between blockchain specialist Arianee and the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. 

Burberry Releases NFT

Image via @playmythical

Burberry has just partnered with Mythical Games – a next-generation game technology studio at the intersection of blockchain and gaming – to create a limited-edition digital toy for a video game called Blankos Block Party. The collab is set to launch soon and we’re interested to see how it plays out!

DeLorean Gets The Non-Fungible Treatment

Image via @deloreanmotorcompany

DeLorean is celebrating its 40th anniversary through an auction of 40 NFTs of its most famous cars via Opensea. Amongst the lots is a DeLorean from the iconic Back To The Future films. We’re sure this will make a bomb!

Philip Colbert Joins The Metaverse

Image via @philipcolbert

Philip Colbert is famous for his lobster-obsessed art. Now, he’s joined the metaverse! LOBSTEROPOLIS CITY has just opened with a live DJ set by DEVO and a Lobster Land museum show curated by Simon De Pury, SuperRare and Decentraland in the Vegas City District. And, no matter what you might think about NFTs, this is the perfect dose of fun we could do with right now! 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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