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NFT Happy Hour
Emily Ratajkowski, Eminem and Chadwick Boseman
Art x Tech 29 Apr 2021

NFTs are here to stay! Non-fungibles are always on the top of our news feeds, and while we don’t really understand them, they’re a pretty big deal not just in the art world, but across pop culture as a whole. So, here’s a round up of the biggest NFT news stories from the past week.

EmRata To Debut NFT Via Christies

Image via @emrata

In 2020, Emily Ratajkowski wrote an article for New York Magazine about the frustration she felt as a model over not having the right to use her own image. As she rightly explains on an Instagram post “the internet has more frequently served as a space where others exploit and distribute images of women’s bodies without their consent and for another’s profit. Art has historically functioned similarly: works of unnamed muses sell for millions of dollars…while the subjects of these works receive nothing.” So, how is she going about gaining compensation over not having control of her image? By minting an NFT and auctioning it via Christie’s! (How very 2021) The sale starts on May 14 and we’re sure it’s going to make big bucks!

Chadwick Boseman Appears At Oscar’s As NFT

Image via @andreoshea__

In case you missed it, the Oscar’s took place this past weekend with one notable nominee being unable to appear in person. However, the late Chadwick Boseman did make an appearance as an NFT, so probably smashed some record or other for being the first to do so. In fact, artist Andre Oshea was commissioned to make the NFT tribute for the star, who was posthumously nominated for his performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Oshea’s golden rendition of Boseman was set to be auctioned via Rarible with proceeds going to The Colon Cancer Foundation. However, the artist was then accused of exploiting Boseman’s death for his own profit, and the sale was closed down as it includes the actor’s face which was triggering for many people. O’Shea is now redesigning the artwork before it is re-auctioned again.

Phillips’ First NFT Sale Makes $4.1 Million

Image via @phillipsauction

Christie’s did it, Sotheby’s did it and now Phillips has done it too. Done what you ask? Held an NFT sale, duuuh! Phillips’ first foray into the NFT auction world was through the sale of an NFT by Mad Dog Jones called REPLICATOR. The work focuses on a photocopier in a LA office, putting the spotlight on a once cutting-edge piece of technology, which looks pretty dated now. The work sold on April 23 for $4,144,000 making it a world record for a living Canadian artist. 

Destroyable Basquiat NFT Up For Sale

Image via OpenSea

Yup, you read that right. An auction for an NFT version of an original Basquiat drawing comes with permission to destroy the physical drawing. The work – Free Comb with Pagoda (1986) – is being sold via OpenSea along with the green-light to go ahead and deconstruct the original, so as to make the non-fungible version the only form of the artwork. The auction is sponsored by Daystrom, and you can read more about it via The Art Newspaper.

*Update 29.4. – Lot withdrawn

Eminem Drops First NFT Collection

Image via @eminem

Anyone who’s anyone is producing NFTs, so at this point, we’re not surprised that Eminem is also throwing his hat into the ring. The rapper’s debut NFTs are being exhibited via Nifty Gateway in a festival called Shady Con. The works are inspired by things Eminem collected as a kid, and they come accompanied by recordings of his own beats. You can bid on the pieces now!

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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