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What happened while our art fair feet can rest on Magritte
Weekly Wrap Up
Entertainment 19 Nov 2021

While Britney is free and Frida Kahlos last self portrait sold for a mouth watering amount of almost 35 Mio USD, quite a number of new collaborations kicked off and play with the perspective of the public. Let’s call this creative brainstorming november cultural rain.

1. Fashion Gadget

If there is not another conventional shoe is the capsule Magritte X Birkenstock

Let’s start with a bit of commercial humor, and say hello to the new arty chic comfort for the upcoming fairs, biennials or, and why not, openings… Already tired of heels we can now wear the new Birkenstock by Pierre Magritte.
In collaboration with Opening Ceremony, the shoe giant partnered with the Magritte Foundation to bring the Belgian painter’s work to the feet of art enthusiasts and comfy footwear fans alike.
They are already available in pre-order for those who are lovers of comfort but an artistic touch our feet thank you.

Shop : Online at Opening Ceremony’s website

2. Attention Banana Lovers!!
Maurizio Cattelan, The Last Judgment.

UCCA Center for Contemporary Art presents, in Beijing, the first solo exhibition in China by Maurizio Cattelan. Curated by Francesco Bonami, the exhibition will be a journey inside the mind and the vision of perhaps the best-known Italian artist of the modern era. Thought-provoking, amusing, challenging, and inspiring, Cattelan’s art digs into the soil of human experience to expose the fears and emotions that rule our entire existence. The exhibition promises to both entertain and shock the audience. The nearly 30 works on display will reveal to UCCA’s public for the first time the oeuvre of a master of contemporary art: an artist who constantly blends inspiration with communication, blurring the boundaries between art and the world of advertising and media.

Probably a strong comeback where Maurizio returns more loaded with controversy, irreverence and provocation that will never, without a day, honor the title of the exhibition.

Save The Date
2021.11.20 – 2022.2.20

3. Upward Point of View
On-site project

With a play of colors and his particular optical game, Buren returns with a new project in collaboration with the Banque de France in Dijon for the installation of a work in situ.

Daniel Buren’s project follows the focal point of the viewer’s gaze from the only median point of view on the rue des Godrans. This “cone of vision” determines the shape of the long-flared floor installed on the lawn, running 35 meters deep into the park before rising abruptly in the middle of the garden along the same slope as the roof of 17th century mansion. Therefore, Daniel Buren links the garden with architecture.

From a unique point of view, a passage from horizontality to verticality through an inclined plane, respecting the characteristics of the building.
the work plays with all the perspectives of architecture and the eye of the beholder, thus changing the morphology of the place and its visual sensations.

Save The Date:
November 26, 2021 – November 2022

4. The Hacker Project

Balenciaga and Gucci present their powerful alliance: ‘The Hacker Project’.
The two fashion houses join forces once again and inaugurate an exhibition that can now be seen and bought online, two silhouettes and aesthetic lines intersect.
It is clear that when Balenciaga presented the collaboration with Gucci during its spring -summer 2022 show, the controversy was uncovered. Garments that combined the essence of both firms were shown in a series that raised doubts among experts in the fashion industry, but now both firms have already revealed the secret behind this union: The Hacker Project.

The Hacker Project, defines a collaboration in which Balenciaga reinterprets the Gucci codes, placing appropriation as the conceptual axis, on which it also analyzes other terms such as brand image and counterfeiting.

In the video of the show, the entire public dressed essentially in black in the spring 2022 collection, revealed only by this means, the garments are worn by a single model.

Details such as the substitution of Gucci’s double G for Balenciaga’s double B, an excellent visual game with a concept about approval and excitement that left more than one with their mouths open, it is clear that it will be one of the strong fashion trends of this end of the year. Available online and in stores.

Text by Sophia Thowinsson
Photo via mvcmagazine, asiaone

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