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NOW I WON – Art Basel Social Diary
We gave you a week of rest for your ears from mentioning the word "#ArtBasel“, as we know – you ...
Art Stuff 04 Jul 2017

Yulia Belousova’s Social Diary ☀

We gave your ears a short rest from mentioning the word “#ArtBasel”, as we know – you had enough of it in the second week of June. The art race has its short break and in the meanwhile we took care of the ultimate guide for the next years Basel experience based on this year – save it in your web-browser bookmarks not to miss out!

My favorite day to arrive is Sunday, to walk calmly the city before the storm, to dine at Chez Donati 20.00 – tres chic ! –you’ll run into literally everyone – big players, who just checked how well their assistants installed the booths.
23.00 time for a drink at Le Trois Rois afterwards. We run there into the Zabludowitz couple, Simon Lee, Di Caprio, Kenny Schachter, Paulina Orlowska, Patrick Seguin, Jay Jopling and many others – the list would be too long and you would win at any name dropping game. Just sit in a corner and watch. Learn from the art kings.


10 am Walk in the first to the Messeplatz, check its installation curated by Chuz Martinez– this years Claudia Comtes “NOW I WON”.
10.30 have a relaxed breakfast at Grill25 with friends before the madness begins.
11 am make your way to LISTE champagne breakfast reception – offering literally champagne, parmesan cheese and water only –
12 am the doors open and the preview crowd runs in! It feels like in a storm and you are sinking down cause the LISTE building is too packed, too tin , too hot and one can barely breathe. Try your best for a couple of hours and with a clear conscience walk back to Messeplatz to join the Design Miami preview, chill and relaxed. As if it would be your house rebuild by Patrick Seguin and sit for a moment in a chair by Jean Prouvé at Laffanour.
 18.00 the doors of Unlimited open. Massive installations, video works, sculptures, performances and drawings curated by Gianni Jetzer – this young man has helmed Migros Museum in Zurich, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, leads the Hirschhorn and plays with the art world`s biggest on 17.000 m. One oft he most pleasant Art experiences during the week, but on Monday you’ll see literally nothing besides familiar faces from all over the world – and this is the reason why you are here.

Later on, 19-22.00 one could go to Swiss Art Award to check out the young and talented, and yet lucky to be swiss to apply for 25.000 CHF price. If you are fancy enough you might be invited to the Monday UBS dinner at the Fondation Beyeler but as all roads lead to Rome, your Basel nights will end up – take a guess – at Le Rois Trois. Once again, running into big sharks, watching hand-shakes on the deals before the fair opens its doors.

00.00 go home, Cinderella !


9.30 VIP champagne breakfast at the fair. Must do? Nope. They tend to call receptions “breakfast” or “flying dinner”, but never rely on that! I’d recommend to travel with a pack of quinoa’ oat flakes or whaetver makes you happy and have a cozy morning routine on the balcony of your Airbnb – cause otherwise you’ll have to line up for a cup of coffee and to chew le petit-croissants as small as the Calders at the Nahmad booth (a breathtaking beautiful piece for almost 1 m € ).
11 am – First choice. Vip. Line up. The highlight of Tuesday is the fair itself. Stay there as long as you can. Have some oysters or a salad for lunch upstairs in the lounge repeating „Hi, how are you?“ every few minutes with a bright smile. Do not waste time to change for your Phillips or Gagosian Dinner, guess where (right,Les Trois Rois), so put on some comfortable shoes in the morning and go on the terrace of the place you don’t want to hear the name anymore, crashing someones birthday party downstairs dancing util 4 am in the morning. Leave to wake up again at 8 am.

11.00 Unlimited with limited acsess (ha!) to VIP holders to really finally enjoy it, Art Basel Design Miami.
4 pm. Liste again. This year`s The Art Gorgeous launch on the roof top terrace to have a break, come down and chill. You are half through the madness! Go to your friends fancy Airbnb to chill on the terrace. Have a dinner maybe this year you are in the mood for a shuttle bus ride to Vitra Summer Party, to be later back at 3K, 23.00 It’s Wednesday, darling, now everybody got wind of this hang-out-spot: crowded and wild.
2.00 You want some more? Go to Tolgas: always Hinterhof, Berlin-feeling and up till late.

9.30 on going: Museums. Kunsthalle,
11.00 Fondation Beyeler (maybe a talk as this year with Tino Seghal) and lunch over there thinking you never wanna leave this place! Kunstmuseum, Schaulager, Vitra, Art Basel ?
21.00 cozy dinner at Kunsthalle, a drink , leaving early 00.00 to recover your energy.


 10.00 Kunstmuseum Basel, Parcours, things you haven’t done yet. Cocktail at Beyeler from 7 pm is a tradition. Everyone you wanna see is there, everyone is happy. Most oft he deals are closed, the deals that didn’t happen are probably not gonna happen anymore – relax. Sitting on the gras, watching the sunset.
22.00 Have a dinner at the Kunsthalle again, a farewall drink cause Saturday early morning it’s time to LEAVE.

P.S. Weekend
Stroll through the fair. Nobody will look at you checking you out from the bottom to the top and enjoy art getting lost between art tourists, collectors and exhausted gallery employees. Walk out on the sun and go to the Rhein to stroll down…See you next year !

by Yulia Belousova
July 04, 2017

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