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Paws Party: Meet Daniel Malarkey and Huxley The Whippet
The arty whippet who’s famous at London’s Connaught Hotel
Art Stuff 28 Jan 2021

Daniel Malarkey is a London based contemporary art advisor with clients across the world, he’s lectured at American universities and appeared on art panels at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, but it’s his gorgeous whippet Huxley, who always steals the show. Often appearing at Daniel’s events, and with fans at London’s luxurious Connaught Hotel, we had to speak to the gorgeous pooch about his wonderful life.

Daniel Malarkey and Huxley talking passionately about art. Photo by Edmund Dabney

What do both of your regular days look like?

When not in lockdown: visiting artists and galleries & meetings with clients = me. Being photographed at the Connaught Hotel as seen on their Instagram = Huxley.

What do you think he thinks about your art world career?

Huxley loves art and spends hours staring at paintings and sculpture in our house. He has never chewed an artwork though he did lick one once that looks like a block of ice.

Huxley at Daniel’s exhibition: Courage Exists In Us at Dickinson Gallery in London 2020

Is he supporting your art world career?

As a puppy Huxley was ‘me, me, me’ and it was challenging running my business with his bounding around the house. Now at 2 years old, he has matured and a true supporter of my art advisory as well as my partner’s business @herboo, @henrykimber. Some clients only schedule meetings for when they can see Huxley too.

Is he creative, too?

When he is left alone he sometimes rearranges objects in constellations on the living room floor inspired by Sarah Sze, his hero.

Huxley strategising

His appearance: Botero or Giacometti?

Giacometti. Huxley is one of the leanest dogs around. He did just ask if he could have a Botero toy to chew on for Christmas 2021.

Did you ever feature him on your IG account and does he already have some fans out there?

Yes! I’d give the boot to any Instagram strategist who says to feature him less!

Huxley’s bedtime reading: Celia Paul’s Self-Portrait

Own Instagram account? 

@danielmalarkey @huxleythewhippet

Would he be up for cuddles after a shitty day in the art world?

Cuddles galore! Then we throw his squeaky donkey toy around for a while which calms us both down.

Is he upset if you go on a business trip? (Obviously wfh most of these days :))

When Huxley sees suitcases he runs to the door and makes it clear he is not being left behind so we got a car. He came on my last trip to France to meet clients/artists and galleries.

Huxley imagining he is being painted by Lucian Freud

Which piece of art would describe him/her best?

Lucian Freud, David & Eli, 2003-2004, height 162 x W 174 cm, Long term loan to the Tate

Any animal grams you enjoy following?

@daphghan @ruenninful @readdogmagazine

Nominate an art world friend with a pet to be interviewed in the future?

@theprinceoforange : PATRICK SAICH, his French bulldog Bo

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Curator – Public Programmes
Whitechapel Gallery - London, UK
Research Associate, Krasner & Pollock Exhibition
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, USA
Artist Liaison
Art Works Gallery & Advisory - Singapore
Artist Manager
Karimah Ashadu - Germany