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Paws Party: Meet Dog Rita And Raquel Vicente
The Spanish Water Dog is a well known guest in Madrid's art circles.
Around the Globe 18 Jan 2021

Raquel Vicente is an art world professional specialising in contemporary art. She’s worked as an artists liaison, in exhibition curation and sales, and is currently an art agent working on different projects with several artists and galleries. But who keeps her company during her art-filled days?! Her Spanish water dog Rita! We’re obsessed with Raquel’s pup, so we just had to introduce you to her!

Raquel and Rita

Give us one sentence about you and one about your furry friend!

I’m Raquel! I am from Spain and I am an art world professional with specialisation in Contemporary Art currently living and working in Madrid.

Rita (or Riti) is a lovely Spanish Water Dog with a white curly hair and she stands out for being super lovely and incredibly intelligent. She lives in Madrid too. 

What do both of your regular days look like?

We wake up early in the morning in order to do a yoga lesson. Then, we go out for a walk, it is the moment when Riti meets her doggy friends in the park. Afterwards, we go back home and she takes a nap while I am studying (she loves to do so under my desk’s chair), but it is just after lunch time when the favourite moment of Riti arrives. It is when we go to the gallery and she meets her bestie, Lucía, a gorgeous Italian greyhound. There, Rita and Lucia play together for a while,  but there is a moment when both feel tired of each other and each one goes to their favourite places of the gallery: Lucía sticks herself to the radiator and Riti lays down in front of the gallery’s window. After work, we go out for a walk again and maybe do the shopping. Finally, when we get home I feed her and fix Riti’s curls. Our day finishes watching an episode of “The Crown” in bed.

Rita posing in a gallery

What do you think she thinks about your art world career?

I think she really enjoys my art world career as she has an art doggy friend whom we meet almost everyday! Also, she loves coming with me to openings and visiting galleries.

Is she supporting your art world career?

Yes, absolutely. I really appreciate having her beside me. When I have a bad day, and we all know how hard the gallery journey can sometimes be, just having her around is something that makes me cheer up.

Rita’s creative side

Is she creative, too?

Yes, she is!

Her appearance: Botero or Giacometti?

Botero, definitely!

Did you ever feature her on your IG account and does she already have some fans out there?

Yes, I did. And she has lots of fans.

Rita reading up on art business

Own Instagram account?

No, but she has a hashtag #ritithewaterdog and, obviously, a highlight section dedicated to her on my instagram account. 

Would she be up for cuddles after a shitty day in the art world?

Yessss, she is the most loving doggy I’ve ever seen. 

Rita with her bestie Lucia

Is she upset if you go on a business trip? (Obviously wfh most of these days :))

Yes she is, actually she is a bit of a drama queen and makes a scene every time we separate from each other.

Which piece of art would describe him/her best?

‘Agnus Dei’ by Zurbarán at Prado Museum. 

Any animal grams you enjoy following?

Yes, there are two of them, @tikatheiggy and @samsonthedood

Nominate an art world friend with a pet to be interviewed in the future?

I nominate my colleague David (@dapefe on instagram), he is Lucía’s owner (Rita’s bestie).

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Assistant Curator / Intern
LoZo Gallery - Franklin, PA
Freelance Copywriter
The Armin Bar (NYC|Milan) - Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Deputy Director
Para Site - Hong Kong
 Auction House Intern
New Art Est-Ouest - Hong Kong