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Paws Party: Meet The Art Newspaper’s Aimee Dawson And Her Cavachon Flora
The pooch and her owner let us in on their journo life
Art Stuff 09 Feb 2021

Aimee Dawson is the digital editor of The Art Newspaper, with a specialism in Instagram for the art world (she even has her own column dedicated to the gram)! So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that this art queen’s pooch is also popular on social media. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be the pampered pup of a leading art journalist? We spoke to Aimee’s cavachon Flora to find out all about her life!

Give us one sentence about you and one about your furry friend!

We are each other’s spirit animal: we’re both art lovers (I prefer a bit of Impressionism while Flora is more interested in “found objects” that can be chewed…); we both love a party and getting dressed up; and we’re both big fans of fizz (Pawsecco for Flo, of course). We can both be a bit in your face but disarmingly charming once you get to know us… and our bark is definitely worse than our bite!

What do both of your regular days look like?

Right now we’re staying at my parents’ place by the sea so we take a nice long walk on the beach before our 10am meeting. Then we edit stories forThe Art Newspaper website and send out the daily newsletter before playtime at lunch. The afternoon is reserved for interviews, podcast editing and writing (and fighting over my slippers). We end a successful day of art journo-ing with a glass of red wine and a Boneo. 

What do you think she thinks about your art world career?

Flora is a total attention seeker and she is very unimpressed by the amount of time I spend on my laptop. She will regularly come and lay across the keyboard, jump onto my lap or whine at me when she wants to play. And she is a total Zoom bomber – every time. She’s like those kids who interrupted their dad’s live BBC News interview.

Is she supporting your art world career?

I like to think of her as an emotional support dog in these bleak times. I’m hoping that one day she will be a great ice breaker for art world networking!

Is she creative, too?

Flora is more destructive than she is creative… if it can be chewed, it will be.

Her appearance: Botero or Giacometti?

After a groom, Botero. Straight after a bath, Giacometti (Flora is basically a chihuahua with a GREAT hairdo)

Did you ever feature her on your IG account and does she already have some fans out there?

Since the pandemic stopped me from travelling and seeing art on a regular basis, Flora has plugged the art-shaped hole that was left in my IG account @amldawson. I’m pretty sure my followers these days must wonder whether I really have anything to do with the art world at all…! Among her fans are director of Abu Dhabi Art @dyalanusseibeh, art writer @federicoflorian, and dealer/critic @kennyschachter

Own Instagram account?


Would she be up for cuddles after a shitty day in the art world?

Flora is strong-willed—she’s happy to hand out cuddles but entirely on her own terms and schedule.

Is she upset if you go on a business trip? (Obviously wfh most of these days :))

Flora is a lockdown fur baby, so we’ve been inseparable since she arrived last May. I dread to think what she will be like when press trips start up again, she barks blue murder even if I go for a quick run (good luck, neighbours!)

Which piece of art would describe her best?

Berndnaut Smilde’s Nimbus series: https://www.ronchinigallery.com/artists/berndnaut-smilde/

Any animal grams you enjoy following?

Flora has a bit of a crush on @bearofmayfair, the handsome Old English sheepdog Rafa who works at Unit London. The gallery is right across the square from The Art Newspaper office so she’s hoping there might be a chance of a play date if and when the world gets back to normal.

Nominate an art world friend with a pet to be interviewed in the future?

Anna Brady @annabrady100 and Margot the Daschund.

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