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People Shaping The Art World: Anne Schwanz / Johanna Neuschäffer
Where did you do your first internship? Johanna: In the marketing of the Schleswig – Holstein ...
Career 22 Oct 2018

Where did you do your first internship?

Johanna: In the marketing of the Schleswig – Holstein Musik Festival in Lübeck 🙂 (a classical music Festival on the countryside)
Anne: My first internship I did at a local hospital and I had to digitalize datas.
Did you have any mentors you learned a lot from?
Johanna: My cousin who was a very decent art historian, who questioned and guided me in my first professional direction
Anne: I studied art history, art and pedagogy and I had a wonderful professor who tought us independent thinking and working and in the end this is the most challenging thing for the whole life.
What was your first job?
Anne: I love books and during my study time I was able to work in a book store and I loved to sell and advice people on books.
Johanna:As a pupil selling strawberries on a field every summer
Did you experience a lot of competitiveness in your career path?
Johanna/Anne: A healthy competition definitely pushes you further. The importance is that you are strong to believe in yourself and to resist playing hard against others. And of course the art world is full of very smart and intelligent women and you have to be professional and work hard, but for us this a positive impulse to built up our own business.
Did you always like to work in the art world and why?
Johanna: I guess so, but I thought it wouldn’t be in the contemporary art scene but more in French Art of the 16-19th century
Anne: I never really thought abut it, it just happen. I think I just followed my instincts and I landed in the right field for me.
Do you feel the art world is undergoing lots of changes these days?
Johanna/Anne: Definitely, we believe that with the digital age even the art world has to rethink structures and adapt to new ways our society moves. Digitalization is more then a professional social media account or selling art online, it is a change of our whole live. We already see that a lot of people start to think in new directions and open the structure in the art world. So the wave already started and we are happy to be part of it.
Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?
Johanna/Anne: With OFFICE IMPART that we have founded this April, we want to go a new way as gallerists. We see us as a platform that connects people that are passionate about the arts. Based in Berlin we believe to do collaborated exhibitions all over the world, function as partners for the artist and trusted consultants for young and established collectors. Our vision is to become strong entrepreneurs in the art field based on the digital transformation of the society.
Best career advice you received?
Johanna/Anne: Together you are stronger !
Your words of wisdom for young women?
Johanna/Anne: Believe in you and what you wanna do and work hard for it. Never give up but accept if something goes differently than you have planned. Stay cool and use it.

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