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People Shaping The Art World: Nadine Dinter
Spearheading Art World PR from Berlin to NYC.
Career 26 Jul 2018

Founder and Director of Nadine Dinter PR

20180726_Nadine Dinter1_thartgorgeous

1.      Where did you have your first internship?
I had my first internship in New York City in 2002, at the legendary White Columns art space on Horatio Street. It was a fabulous experience – especially because in addition to learning about the day-to-day goings-on, I was also able to assist with their annual benefit auction.

2.      Did you have any mentors you learned a lot from?
I haven’t had any one particular mentor per se to guide me over the years, but I did learn a lot from the first gallerist I ever worked for – Alexander Ochs in Berlin, with whom I started working with in 2005. And in New York, the gallerist Bruce Silverstein was a great source of support and information during my time there.

3.      What was your first job?
My first real job in the art world was at a place called Asperger Gallery. I was hired as its director, but luckily Alexander Ochs Galleries soon won me away. There, I took care of the exhibitions, the art fairs, the collectors, and handled the logistics of it all.
4.      Did you experience a lot of competitiveness along your career path?
I’d say it’s been so-so. Of course, when you’re new in the business, people try to test you and play games. So you need to take care that you get paid properly, don’t do too much stupid stuff for too long, and get enough exposure as a qualified person yourself.
5.      Have you always wanted to work in the art world, and why?
After my first professional experience in the “old economy” I began working in the art world in 2004. First, I worked as a photographer and then I worked in galleries, before founding my PR agency in 2006. I always knew that I needed to have art around me and that it should play a major role in my life, but it took me some time to figure out exactly where, how and which kind.

6.      Do you feel the art world is undergoing a lot of change these days?
Yes, definitely. I believe that the art world lost its innocence in 2008 with the first crash, and has since been gradually getting back on track. The increasing globalization of the art market means that curators, collectors, museums, and gallery people must travel all over the place to network and sell their art at ever more festivals, biennales, and art fairs. The art market is splitting up into smaller and smaller pieces of the big art cake.

7.      Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?
Good point – classic question! In five years, I plan to be promoting the same clients I am today, plus one or two additional major photography festivals. I’ll have a male personal assistant, and two French Bulldogs (laughs…).
8.      Best career advice you received?
Make it happen.
9.      Your words of wisdom for young women?
Do what you love. And if you do it, do it right. With passion, ambition, and a smile.
Image credit: Steven Kohlstock

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Research Associate, Krasner & Pollock Exhibition
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, USA
Artist Liaison
Art Works Gallery & Advisory - Singapore
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Karimah Ashadu - Germany