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Petra 4.0
Fempire 26 Jul 2016

Petra 4.0
Artist, California

Hailed as “the Monet of the 21st Century”, Petra Cortright exudes playfulness and femininity in every aspect of her life, from her post-internet floral paintings to her penchant for stylish pyjamas, scented candles and vintage Chinese rugs. One need only glance over her instagram to see her hanging with Stella McCartney and Ed Ruscha, floral arrangements, cute dog pictures galore, equally adorable selfies, and glimpses of her style, which is part pretty, part vampy. Enamoured with this artist-cum-muse, TAG chat to her about art, fashion and home decoration…
PETRA CORTRIGHT-theartgrgoeous
My ideal working outfit looks like…
Really nice pajamas. I really love to be comfortable but also like to look good. I think i spend more time thinking about how to style my pajama outfits than outfits that I wear on the street. Archangel surf ware is good for really deep research sessions that require hours of slugging around on the net.
Heels or flats… Which brand or style…
Flats or bare feet with painted toes; Stella McCartney / Marais USA.
My favourite art-related blog/app is…
I’m more into “old fashioned” websites/online communities rather than blogs or apps. apps I don’t really care about, somehow I find them so limiting… and I hate working on my phone. I like DeviantArt, maybe something more modern would be my adoration for Pinterest.
The last thing I bought and loved was…
I had to buy a lot of things recently because we just bought a house, a few favorites are: a vintage burl wood console table, 1930s Chinese rugs, an LG washing machine that plays a cute song that makes me want to do laundry all the time, David Austin ‘queen of sweden’ roses for the garden, art from creativity explored in San Francisco, some Stella McCartney lingerie to hang around in after being exhausted from moving, and a lot lot lot of fresh flowers for our big housewarming party that we just threw.
Most ridiculous thing I ever bought…
I just bought a really realistic looking stuffed chicken children toy. It’s actually really cool and beautiful though, but some people have been scared of it in the house…
PETRA CORTRIGHT-theartgrgoeous 3
My necessary extravagance is…
I love having candles lit and perfuming the house and studio when i work, so I go through a lot of those. I love beauty products, especially bath products. I can never go into Santa Maria Novella and come out unscathed.
Three things/products I always need to have in my purse…
Lately Glossier “rose balm-dot-com”, Glossier perfecting skin tint, and Glossier Generation G lipstick in “jam”.
My ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
Water is the only thing that resets my brain and calms me down. One of my favorite things is an outdoor shower — it’s also such a California thing to shower outside under a lemon tree or something.
My favourite merge of the art- and fashion world…
I loved Raf Simons’s collaboration with Sterling Ruby.
My most admired art world influencer…
My “evil” art dealer the “Patron Satan” Stefan Simchowitz.
Petra Cortright_basic_compiler_music_thartgorgeous interviewPetra Cortright, still from cropped_masked_final, Digital video, Duration: 2 hours, 2015
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
Artists outside the art world.
Art makes me…
Wake up and feel like I’m home. Before we hung art on the walls I woke up every day for a month and didn’t know where I was. when we hung the art that went away instantly.
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally…
Observing the natural world.
The most arty city is…
I have a deep love for Mexico city.
The perfect art-world gentlemen is…
My husband.
Artist(s) we should have on our watchlist is/are…
There are so many people! A few are: Lex Brown, Katja Novitskova, Aleksandra Domanovic, Lauren Elder, Helen Marten, Ida Ekblad, Jennifer Mehigan, AES + F, Alexandra Marzella, Martine Syms, so many more… I always hate this question because the list is truly 100s of people long haha..
PETRA CORTRIGHT-theartgrgoeous 2
You bring net art into fine art. Is it true that for a long time you didn’t have have a “real” studio, but a computer at home?
Yes, I recently moved from a large industrial studio into two rooms in my house that are set up as bedrooms. I really like working from small, domestic spaces, I realized I don’t like or need a big studio and my ideal studio is just an extension of my home.
Stella McCartney once said about you: “Petra represents the next-generation Stella girl to me in every way!” Tell us how you met and what you did for her…
She found me online about two and a half years ago, flew me out to meet her, and then we started working together. Since the beginning its been natural, easy and fun and it just keeps getting better. For these last few years we have been working on a series of video collaborations. The future is wide open..
Digital Detox: Are you ever offline?
I remember it seemed more manageable to take breaks from offline pre smart-phones. I’m working on using my phone less and my desktop computers more. I’m tired of constantly getting pings in my pocket and being connected at every second, its very annoying, distracting, and uninspiring. I’ve been craving to feel lonely or bored, because those feelings are quite productive for my creativity.
Are you the “Post-Internet” Monet of the 21st Century?
As far as i know I’ve just been Petra Cortright since 1986…
Instagram: @PetCortright
Website: www.petracortright.com
See installation images from Cortright’s recent solo exhibition at Ever Gold [Projects]: http://sfaq.us/ever-gold-projects/past-exhibitions/

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