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In Case You Missed It: What Happened in Art, Fashion, Pop Culture
Creepy naked man scares crowds at Art Basel Hong Kong; Major Piet Mondrian retrospective to come thi...
Entertainment 27 Mar 2017

Art Basel Hong Kong’s fifth iteration has come to a close on Sunday 26 March. Have you all recuperated from the endless flow of art, booze, and people?
Being unable to attend this year’s art fair in my beloved city, I had to revert to live vicariously through a select number of Instagram accounts from TAG’s guide. While scrolling through, I have to say this year’s edition truly welcomed the weird and wonderful. Aside from that, a true favourite of mine this year (and apparently one of the most instagrammed installations) was Korean artist Kimsooja’s mesmerising “Deductive Object” consisting of a monolithic egg-shaped structure placed on top of a wide glossy reflective mirror. Other popular works included the slightly disturbing painting by George Condo, the hypnotising large canvas by Frank Stella, and Madsaki’s twisted interpretation of Marilyn Monroe, replacing her iconic visage with a “smiley face”.
While you nurse your hangover over brunch or on the couch, here is a quick recap of what happened during this art week craze.
#1 Balenciaga Honoured In Two Major Shows
Spanish designer Balenciaga’s legacy will be celebrated this year as two museums will honour the master with two major exhibitions. Currently, the Musée Bourdelle in Paris has kicked off its show until July 16 “Balenciaga: Working in Black”. In May this year, Victoria and Albert Museum will be up next to display the designer’s work in “Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion”.
#2 Mondrian to Have Biggest Retrospective Show Ever
Piet Mondriaan - Victory Boogie Woogie ( 1942-44)_theartgorgeous
This June 3, the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague will display its full collection of 300 works by renowned Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in celebration of the centenary of De Stijl art movement.
#3 Fashion and Art Come Together at the Hepworth Wakefield
JW Anderson-exhibition_theartgorgeous
Loewe designer JW Anderson recently opened an exhibition linking fashion and art. Taking place at the Hepworth Wakefield, the show titled “Disobedient Bodies” reimagines the human form through sculpture, fashion, ceramics, dance and design.
#4 Naked Man Caused Friction at Art Basel Hong Kong
Naked man-Art Basel HK 2017_theartgorgeous
According to sources, a naked man stirred trouble during Art Basel in Hong Kong last week. The man in question was dressed in a thong with a bloody hygienic towel attached, and a creepy purple mask. Whether this bizarre stunt was performance art remains unsure – he was quickly escorted outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center by management.
#5 Important French Museum to Set Up Shop in Shanghai
The Paris-based institution Centre Pompidou is in negotiation to open a space in Shanghai’s West Bund Cultural District. Although no opening date has been set.
Photos via: Harper’s Bazaargemeentemuseum.nl; Artnet; @janellezara; Paris Digest

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