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Poor Vincent: 6 Silliest Van Gogh Products You Can Find
People just can't get over Van Gogh’s lost ear
Art Stuff 11 Apr 2018

Murakami and Hirst, be aware what might happen in many years from now – you probably won’t be able to decide whether to team up with a luxury brand for a limited-edition capsule, but there will come a time when everybody will be able to print your works on umbrellas, ties or make silly toys based on your character or work. We have picked the 6 silliest Van Gogh products that one might come across on the internet – when even his cut ear has become the main gimmick of many products… poor Vincent 😉

1. Van Gogh socks collection
As a tribute to the master by wearing his art on the feet and making it stink? Not so sure…
2. Earaser
Yes, now you buy Van Gogh’s ear to erase your mistake on your drawing sketch, but just sometimes the line between funny and creepy is very fine.
3. Van Gogh x Monet x Degas pun T-shirt
“I have no money for the gas to make the van go”… hmm you know well why it is here.
4. Van Gogh plush doll with detachable ear
It comes with a Velcro-fastened detachable ear and a tag that encourages the buyer to give the ear to “someone you love”…
5. Van Gogh disappearing-ear mug
Obviously, and unfortunately, product designers just cannot get over Van Gogh’s lost ear!
van gagh_theartgorgeous
6. A Dutch Masterpiece Vincent Cheese
I mean, what does Van Gogh have to do with cheese? If simply because both are Dutch, we should wait to see Van Gogh x Miffy collaboration then.
Text by Ricko Leung
Photos via Hotsox, Exit9, Zazzle, Mental Floss, Vat19 and Walmart

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