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Quirky Creations & Unconventional Styles from S/S 24 Runways
From Glowing Marvels to Coperni's CD-Playing Bag.
Art Stuff 03 Oct 2023

Fashion is known for pushing boundaries and sometimes even going to the extreme. Here are some wacky and imaginative creations that graced the runways during Spring/Summer 2024 global Fashion Weeks so far.

Furry Runway Rescue

During Christian Cowan’s runway show, a colossal fur-clad figure found itself disoriented and wandering astray. The singer Sam Smith who was performing for the show came to the rescue, skillfully guiding the fluffy behemoth away from an impending collision with the front-row audience.

Pewter Metal Elegance

Taylor Russell stole the spotlight at Loewe’s runway show in a complete outfit from the brand. She rocked a strapless bodysuit as the base for her eye-catching overcoat. What seemed like an oversized jacket was actually crafted from pewter metal, a collaborative creation by Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson and metal artist Elie Hirsch, featured in their fall/winter 2023 menswear collection. The metal was meticulously hand-molded and hammered to achieve a fabric-like appearance.

Glowing Marvels

Undercover Lab illuminated the city of lights in a whole new way. As the lights dimmed three models emerged from the darkness, donning strapless dresses with skirts that radiated light from within, adorned with vibrant flowers and even a fluttering butterfly. This display of ingenuity from Jun Takahashi, already celebrated for his inventive designs, marked a dazzling new level of creativity.

A Runway of Raw Emotions & Unconventional Style

In another unconventional display, AVAVAV continued its streak of bold and slightly chaotic runway presentations, complete with stylish tumbles. Models appeared as though they had just emerged from an emotional breakdown, with makeup streaked down their faces. Some rushed onto the runway, barely dressed, struggling to complete their ensembles, while others seemed pushed out, dashing down the catwalk to swiftly conclude their walk.

Coperni’s Multifunctional Swipe Bag Amazes Fashion Enthusiasts

Coperni unveiled their latest rendition of the ever-popular Swipe bag, and this time, it brought an unexpected twist to the table—it now moonlights as a CD player. Naturally, the bag set the brand’s devoted fan base abuzz, and the comments around the unveiling quickly became a playground of enthusiasm. “I’ve been waiting to channel my inner Lizzie McGuire with this!” exclaimed one delighted individual.

AI-Infused Fashion

Collina Strada’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, unveiled at a Brooklyn waterfront rooftop farm, hid its AI origins remarkably well. Founder Hillary Taymour and her team discreetly fed past Collina Strada images into the AI image generator Midjourney, carefully fine-tuning the results with text prompts. The fashion industry’s adoption of generative AI tools has gained traction recently, despite concerns about their potential impact on creativity and intellectual property.

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