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From Remastering David Bowie to Shaking up Tokyo
Mexico's Millenial Answer to Frida Kahlo
Fempire 03 Dec 2018
Artist, Tenancingo

Coming from digital animation, Martinez Montserrat realised eventually that painting is her universe. Born and raised in Mexico, she is the millennial version of Frida Kahlo.
Her work seems influenced by elements that are out of this world yet reinterpreting her Mexican roots for a Gen Z.
We got hooked by her 70K IG feed and were happy to chat on emojis, mentors and via la Mexiko.
In the art world currently, I find most exciting that…
There’s a lot of new art proposals, amazing Galleries and Museums, I think Art is getting bigger every year, I’m excited about that.
Number of unanswered mails in your account today…
Right now 461…
Perfect working outfit…
Barefoot, comfy shorts, white t-shirt and a glass of wine in my left hand ?
Your everyday online art read is…
TheArtGorgeous (I think your content and memes are adorable), Forbes Mexico, Artsy, Mutual Art, Harper’s Bazaar Art, Cultura Colectiva, Art Review, Art News, etc.
Most ridiculous thing you ever bought…
I bought a “cuticle protector” and it was a mess when I tried to remove it, sticky… (it had a glue texture) ridiculous, who would buy that, right and a little blue jacket for my cat Lenin, of course he refused immediately to wear it, later that night he tried to kill me while I was sleeping.
This song brings you in a good mood straight away…
Well well well, I have a long list:
•Higher Love-Depeche Mode
•Mercy In You-Depeche Mode
•I Want It All-Depeche Mode
•Soothe My Soul-Depeche Mode
•Where’s the Revolution (guess from who?)
•Never Let Me Down-Depeche Mode (Ok, I’ll never finish with DM, so basically all the music of this amazing band, same feeling with Massive Attack, NIN, Bowie and Gorillaz)
•Black Milk-Massive Attack
•Unfinished Sympathy- Massive Attack
•Heroes-David Bowie
•Let’s Dance-David Bowie
•Starman-David Bowie
•China Girl-David Bowie
•I’m Afraid Of Americans-David Bowie
•In this twilight-NIN
•Por una cabeza-Gardel
•Volare-Gipsy Kings
•Ryuichi Sakamoto-Forbidden Colours
•Is this Love-Whitesnake (childhood memories)
•Heart and Soul-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
•High / Low-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
I Love music, I literally can’t do anything without it.
Your art world muses…
Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington
You first post on Instagram…
A photo in my last Art Studio, (Valle De Bravo) starring my muse/cat Lenin and his painting in the background (Felines).
Favourite hashtag…
#girlsdoitbetter #womenpower #mexicanart #dragon #montserratmartinez ?
Who are the best dressed in the art world…
Yayoi Kusama for LV (I love her!)
Describe yourself with three emojis…
Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Dalí!!!… Alive definitely David Lynch, I love his work.
Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
I would recommend you:
Robert del Naja, I totally love his work, the paintings are eclectic and powerful, his art has this dark vibe which is amazing. (Musician/Painter, UK)
Beto Cuevas, is a great Artist, he creates amazing characters with interesting personalities. (Musician/Painter, Chile)
Tony Kaye, the way he directs and the way he paints is great, I think his work is deeply connected. (Director/Painter, UK)
Lolita Matsui: My comadre ?, a very talented Artist, her work is monochromatic, raw, strong and beautiful. (Mexico)
Andrés Reisinger, I like the aesthetic in his work, the Pantone he works with is clean and balanced. (Spain)


Instagram: @mmart2222

Photos via Montserrat Martinez 

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Art & Culture Project Manager
Chanel - Seoul, Korea
Intern (m/f/x) Styling: Exterior, Interior, Colour & Trim
Porsche - weissach germany
Executive Director 
Art Jewelry Forum - San Antonio, Texas, USA
Junior Graphic Designer
SKIMS - Los Angeles, California, United States