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Ruinart entrusted its Carte Blanche of 2022 to Jeppe Hein
Born in the Age of Enlightenment, Ruinart has retained its cultured spirit and links with the art wo...
Art Bazar 28 Mar 2022
Jeppe Hein discovers Maison Ruinart in Reims by Mathieu Bonnevie

Born in the Age of Enlightenment, Ruinart, the world’s first Champagne House has retained its cultured spirit and links with the art world to this day. Art has been interweaved with its prestigious genealogy from the very beginning and continues to be an extension of its commitment to innovation and creation. Each year, through its Carte Blanche programme, the Maison invites leading contemporary artists to reinterpret its values. In previous years, Liu Bolin (2018), Vik Muniz (2019), and David Shrigley (2020/2021) have given their artistic interpretation.

Jeppe Hein Limited Edition by MH Studio

In 2022, Ruinart entrusted its Carte Blanche 2022 to visual artist Jeppe Hein for a new artistic interpretation of its history and know-how. Jeppe Hein has designed a participatory project that will evolve over the year at the major international art fairs of which Ruinart is a partner, including Frieze NY, Art Basel in Basel, Frieze London, FIAC, Tokyo Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach, as well as during Berlin’s Gallery Weekend and Venice Biennale.

Jeppe Hein, Modified Social Benches for Venice, 2019

More about Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein likes to provoke the unexpected. Born in 1974, the Berlin-based Danish artist has made a
name for himself with installations whose apparent simplicity changes the viewer’s relationship to the
space, but also by the participatory dimension that he puts at the heart of his work. This participatory dimension is at the heart of his work just as his interest in the five senses and the four elements can be found in his installations: most popular his water pavilions like Appearing Rooms, his mirror labyrinths and Modified Social Benches, his frequent use of neon light and candles as well as his global engagement project Breathe with Me, initiated at the United Nations Headquarters and in Central Park in New York 2019, that invites audiences to paint their own individual ‘breath’ and thus visualize the resultant relation between all living being. Jeppe Hein is one of those artists who starts with very simple things but takes us much further. Jeppe Hein’s experiential, perceptual magic tricks are his vehicle for raising engagement between art and its audience. He makes work that can only be experienced through participation, expanding our notion of what art is or could be.

More about the collaboration

The Champagne House has always promoted art as a way to understand the world around us, connect with each other and heighten our awareness. Jeppe Hein reflects this commitment through an installation that awakens our senses and touches our hearts, while placing each of us at the centre of a delightful participatory experience. Playing with the element of surprise and magic of the unexpected, the artist invites us to share emotions and reflect on the intangible value of the present moment, which is both fragile and memorable. Jeppe Hein is one of those artists who starts with very simple things but takes us much further. A grape, a piece of wet chalk and the specific smell that hovers over the vineyard lingering above the vines: he translates his first impressions of Ruinart’s terroir into fragments of matter and emotion. He invites us to feel and be inspired by the natural connections between things. A collective experience that is unique each time.

An artistic installation to live RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Through his work as an artist, Jeppe Hein takes a fresh look at the world. Each piece is a layground, each moment becomes an experience that connects us to nature, others and the world. I was blown away by his skill as an ‘orchestra conductor’: he plays with the four elements and makes the five senses vibrate with a generosity that draws our attention to the fragile beauty of life.”

Frédéric Panaïotis, Cellar Master, Maison Ruinart

Jeppe Hein, Coloured walls and speech bubbles, Right Here, Right Now, 2022, Strempel photography

For Jeppe Hein, making and tasting champagne – from the moment the grapes are harvested to the moment the wine sparkles in your mouth – is a total sensory experience. He translated the essence of this into an art installation to be experienced RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW is a participatory installation that appeals to the five senses and summons the four elements – earth/soil, water/rain, air/ wind and fire/sun – which are essential to champagne making.

To renew the experience of nature and bring it into our daily life at the art fairs, Jeppe Hein uses “fragments of matter and emotion” that awaken our senses and connect us to ourselves and the world. This generous installation invites everyone to experience a small sensory epiphany.


A large mirror in the centre of the installation has a round opening for you to reach inside and take one of the four elements, which you can experience with your five senses. You are invited to:

See yourself in the mirror

Touch the chalk.

Listen to a delicate drop of essential oil falling into the palm of your hand.

Smell the scent of the Chardonnay flower in the air.

Taste a sun-ripened raisin.

Jeppe Hein, Coloured walls and speech bubbles, Right Here, Right Now, 2022, Strempel photography

On this journey to meet ourselves, the world and others, the artist guides us with messages inscribed on mirroring speech bubbles: “Right here, right now”; “The answer is within you”; “You are magic for me”; “What if this does not exist?”; “You change to change”; “Be aware of your small sensations”; “Say it all without saying anything”. Phrases that echo our own questions and encourage us to express them.

Perplexed, happy, anxious or amused. It’s up to us to draw our emotional self-portrait with chalk on large panels whose colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) and shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, and hexagon) refer to the seven chakras – energy points in the body that inspire Jeppe Hein on many levels. Over time, the panels will be covered with hand-drawn faces as patterns to infinity.

Jeppe Hein, Coloured walls, acrylic paint, Right Here, Right Now, 2022, Strempel photography

The digital rendering of this Carte Blanche 2022 offers art lovers a singular experience that is simultaneously participatory, sensory and meditative. Jeppe Hein’s conceptual approach creates tangible connections to embark on a philosophical quest that could, at first sight, be diminished by digital formats. However, by exploring unexpected interactions that encourage people to forget their devices, this digital experience heightens the connection with the artist, others and the world. Just like its tangible counterpart, this digital art performance invites you to embrace the moment and activates all your senses. Through kinetic navigation and intuitive interactions, you are encouraged to lose yourself in the narrative and enjoy a seamless poly-sensorial experience.

Want to experience Jeppe Hein’s work first hand? You can in Paris at the launch event!

What: A free exhibition taking place in the French capital
When: Friday 1 April, 14:30 – 17:00
Saturday 2 April 12.00 – 12.00
Sunday 3 April 13:00 – 18:00

After the launch event at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, in April 2022, the carte blanche travels around the world to continue to reveal itself.

This world tour will also provide an opportunity to discover the gastronomic interpretation of the carte
blanche, through the programme called «Food For Art».

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