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September Art SHEROS
The ladies killing it in the art world
Art Stuff 26 Sep 2019

Hey Gorgeous 😉 Wondering who might be featuring in this month’s Art SHEROS. Well look no further for FIVE women, bossing it in the art world this month…

1. Bridget Riley

01 sheros_theartgorgeous
How did Bridget Riley achieve Shero status this September?

“Is this even a question?” I hear you ask.
Bridget Riley is a constant SHERO, obviously… but she really is having a moment right now: featuring her work in the Hayward Gallery AND the Tate Britain’s 60 year retrospective of her work.
Permanent SHERO status, re-solidified.
You go Bridget!

2. Marine Tanguy @marinetanguyart

How was her SHERO status secured?
Another professional we’ve been loving for a long time… since 2015 in fact! Hers is a name you’re hearing more and more of these days, and for good reason: Marine Tanguy. Not only did she found MTArt Agency in 2015, finding some of the best upcoming artists and managing their careers, AND collaborated with Christies’s to launch the Young Collectors Club, she has also just had her first child, Atlas, and looked incredible doing it.
Nothing but respect, genuine art SHERO: Marine.

3. Adelaide Damoah @adelaidedamoah

03sheros_theartgorgeousHow was her SHERO status solidified?
Adelaide Damoah has definitely caught our eye this month. General art world badass, an artist signed by our previous SHERO Marine Tanguy’s company MTArt agency, Adelaide has caught our eyes *and ears* talking on the BBC recently. In the feature she spoke the truth about decolonising schools. Give her a listen on BBC Radio London and hear for yourself… not to mention her performance art works to express outdated ideals of race, gender and creed.

4. Elizabeth Power and Jessie Hillcox @artfullypodcast

04sheros_theartgorgeousA double SHERO?
The more I chat to these two incredible women, the more I realise how much they each deserve the SHERO crown, for their art and writing, respectively. This month, however, they have jumped into the spotlight with the FOURTH episode of new podcast ‘Artfully’. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting in their research, but this pair’s humour, friendship and incredibly vast art-world knowledge comes through in buckets. Give them a listen wherever you find your podcasts. Latest episode featuring a discussion of Lee Krasner and Olafur Eliasson.
See you next month.

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