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Social Distancing Work Wear Inspo From Art History
For when you want people to stay away
Art Girls Jungle 25 May 2020

May countries are beginning to relax rules surrounding quarantine, but there is still a requirement to stay several metre apart from our nearest and dearest when outdoors. Since we’ve all been kept away from our pals for what seems like years, most of us have lived in a uniform of sweatpants and pyjamas. So, we thought we’d take a look through art history for some inspo of what to wear that will remind people to stay FAR away from us.  

The Marie Antoinette

This is the perfect time to be wearing the biggest dress you own (and also the perfect excuse to buy a ballgown), with skirts for days, there is no way in hell that anyone will be wanting to get close to you. And, there is an added bonus to this look too since most people will be so impressed by the presence of such a dress that they will clear the way so that they can stare in admiration as you pass by.

The Suit Of Armour

While this look painted by Fatima Ronquillo may look like it was made for the battlefield, it is also likely to keep people away since an outfit like this makes it clear that you are NOT to be messed with.

The Pitchfork

This one does what it says on the tin. I mean, nothing says “back off” like walking around while wielding a massive pitchfork. 

The Extra Layers

We all know about the benefits of wearing a full-on ballgown, but why stop there? Make like Maria Josepha of Bavaria and add an extra layer of protection with a statement wrap.

The Levitation Look


OK, so we’re still trying to get in contact with Chagall to ask him where we can purchase a dress that allows us to fly, but if you can get your hands on one, this is the ultimate frock for social distancing.

The Complete Cover-Up

Whether choosing this look for religion or otherwise, there is no doubt that the full-length ensemble suggests an extra layer of safety when distancing from others. 

The Scare-Them Off Effect

One way to keep people away is to scare them, and if you’re looking for a little drama, then this one’s for you. A completely dramatic and out-there make-up look is bound to make people stay away.

The Head Scarf

But not as you know it. While we’re not sure how easy it is to breathe, it’s as though Magritte knew something we didn’t…

The Infanta

Just like Marie Antoinette, the Spanish infantas knew how to make sure that there was a large gap between them and anyone they came into contact with. We think the fashion world should start remaking panniers again. 

Text Lizzy Vartanian

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