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Art IG Accounts You Might Not Yet Came Across But Better Should Know
When your algorithm gives you some new food for thoughts
Art Stuff 22 Apr 2021

I’ve thankfully managed to cultivate a great relationship with my Instagram Algorithm – in that, every day it shows me new things and new people that inspire, advocate and enrich the Arts community.

For those not connected to me on an algorithmic level, I thought I’d share a few accounts who’ve recently appeared on my explore page – who’s posts and IRL objectives have been resonating with and inspiring me recently.

Get ready to screenshot…

Black Blossoms

Black Blossoms is an online school of Art and Culture, founded by curator and educator Bolanle Tajudeen, which provides short courses and masterclasses aimed at decolonising, deconstructing and democratising your creative learning. All of the classes are taught by leading artists, scholars and art professionals and targeted at those interested or working within the industry.

Recent short courses include: ‘Curating Black Art’ and ‘From Page to Stage to Digital: A Taste of Black British Theatre’.

Working Class Creatives Database

Established to address the known absence of people of working class backgrounds in the creative industry (only 16% of the workforce), the Working Class Creatives Database uplifts and supports creatives who identify as working class. On their page they highlight the work of those in their database, through takeovers and regular reposting, as well as share resources, reading lists and opportunities.

You can sign up to their database here, or review the artists it supports and uplifts.

The Uncultured

Created by Arts Independents Ashleigh Bowmott and Laura Sweeney, The Uncultured is a space where the duo come together to produce, curate, facilitate and advocate. Which means working with (primarily) performance and live artists on projects that reject traditional definitions of taste, culture and art, in order to create a space for social change.

Their Instagram page shares their collaborative work as well as resources created by the duo to aid in dis-establishing norms – and facilitating experiences. Including templates for funding applications and ‘freelancer’ guides.

You can find out more about their work, on their website.

Paperback Gallery

Paperback is a new virtual gallery, with a brief. Working differently to the traditional gallery model, prior to each exhibition, the participating artists are all given the same inspirational image. It is up to the individual then, to create a work in reference to the prompt image, taking whatever information they can to inspire, from it.

The galleries, feed showcases the results of these prompts, as well as shares a multitude of other ‘prompt’ images to try for yourself.

Definitely worth checking out, if you’re stuck for inspiration or looking to challenge yourself creatively.

Going Postal Gallery

Going Postal Gallery was created to introduce a new art experience in the era of Covid-19, which saw a digital shift for the art industry as many physical spaces closed its doors to visitors. Offering a way to bring the art to you, the gallery curates an exhibition of works and prints them in postcard form which can be sent straight to your door for viewing.

This savvy alternative to the traditional model was founded by Alexandria Pang and Talia Pockhai as a way to continue to uplift artists and art during a difficult time.

Find out more about Going Postal Gallery and order their inaugural exhibition set here.

Bambini Collections

Bambini Collections is an online art gallery / store that collaborates with Artists around the world to create works exclusively for children. Founded by two Australian friends on a mission to collect children to art and adults with children through art, the store has a limited collection of collectible prints that are shipped from London worldwide. 

Find out more about Bambini Collections and the artworks they sell on their website.

Hollie Hilton (a.k.a @FreelanceHollie), is a social media strategist and digital content producer who works exclusively with Artists and Arts Businesses to expand their digital presence.

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