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Socially Speaking – Shanghai
Weekly Wrap Up from the Social Art Scene: Shanghai
Entertainment 09 Nov 2015

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s leaves fall and the cold wind gently cools my room, let me jitter down a few thoughts of some exciting projects I’ve been on, on this rainy autumn night in Shanghai.
Despite it being a busy time, every day was a dream. I’ll start with “Papa’s Time Machine”: a steam punk-style large-sized mecha puppet show produced by yours truly.
sstage photo2

 “Papa’s Time Machine” Stage Photo

The project was China’s first large-sized puppet show. It was released just a few days ago at Shanghai International Arts Festival. I am also very happy to report that it won the “Investor’s Most Concerned Award” even before its debut, gaining immediate attention after being released at the Power Station of Art for three days. The show was an absolute hit as each night brought in a full house, moving the audience to tears by its performance. To my greatest surprise, the public would even climb onto the stage to take photos of each original artwork, reluctant to leave like children refusing their bedtime hour.


Artist Maleonn Ma and Me

The project was created by my good friend and visual artist Maleonn Ma, in cooperation with international artists from Hungary, Germany and South Korea. The show presented creatively design large-sized mecha puppets, each of which I might add, incorporates 1525 components. To give you a brief background story about the show, it tells the story of Maleonn’s life experience living with his father. Due from old-aged, his father would lose his memory day-by-day. Maleonn then creates a time machine to help his father recuperate his memories by crossing time. The performance depicts the true love between father and son in an intensively touching way. To heighten the audience’s experience, we’ve included professional puppeteers, multimedia animation and a live band to create an exciting and immersive experience. Every time Maleonn talks about his project by saying ,“I naturally like to do strenuous things. (…) I neither like shortcuts nor stability. (…) I show more respect for those who repeatedly draw ten thousand lines on a canvas than those who just come up with an incredible concept or a smart enigma but are not willing to give the answer. As far as I’m concerned, this ruthless world has a bit of romance only because there are passionate idiots.” I cannot help but be moved by all these real and pure emotions all the time.
The performance is already set to embark on its journey around the world at the start of next year.
Shot with DxO ONE

“Papa’s Time Machine” Stage Photo

The fun does not end here for me!

Karl Lagerfeld, ICONOCLOUDS, 2013, Commission for Harpers Bazaar September issue 2013, Photo: Simon Procter

I’m also proud to announce another project I’ve been working on that I cannot wait to share with everyone. We’re about to launch our next artist in residence programme with Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde. We’ve invited him back to Shanghai once more to host his work for one whole month and I cannot wait to work with him to realize his show at LIAN Contemporary Art Space in December this year. I look forward to be on cloud 9 when this project is launched!
NimbusGreenRoom kopie

NimbusGreen Room, 2013, Digital C-type Print, Photo: RJ Muna

PS: Today (9 Nov) is Kelly Wang’s birthday, let us all wish her a happy birthday!
By Kelly Wang
Photos: by Simon Procter, RJ Muna, Maleonn Ma, Kelly Wang and LIAN team
Kelly Wang, now lives in Shanghai. She is chief editor and publisher of several magazines, internationally renowned producer of cross-media projects, and an art collector.

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