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How To Spend The Last Week Of The Art World Break
September is coming…
Uncategorized 26 Aug 2019

As August draws to a close and the summer comes to an end, you may have finally got withdrawal symptoms from the gallery. After all, there are only so many beaches you can lay on, cocktails you can drink and surfer guys you can flirt with. You may even have tried to call your artists in an effort to catch up before the mad September rush back into work. But, here’s one piece of advice: don’t. Soon you’ll be preoccupied with art fairs, shows, auctions and you’ll be wishing you were right back on that beach. So, while you may be bored now, here’s some ideas of how you can keep occupied before putting your gallerina hat on again.
Do Your Bit For The Planet
Whether that’s making your home more eco-friendly or getting into activism, summer’s big talking point is climate change and perhaps now you have some spare time on your hands, you’ll be ready to give the Earth a helping hand?
Do Some Baking
Let’s face it, once you get back to work, you’re probably not going to see your kitchen again until Christmas. It’s going to be uber-eats and take-out for the next four months, so why not get your creative juices flowing and make a birthday cake or some cookies for your pals.
Go To The Countryside
The only animals you’re going to see when the galleries start opening their doors again are attention-seeking artists. Why not go visit the great outdoors to experience that clean air your skin has so desperately been seeking during fair season? You may even get to see some legit animals while you’re there.
Spend Some Quality Time With Your Family
No matter how annoying they might be, it’s a good time to check in with your parents and siblings before you’re spending every free moment getting over work stress.
Try Some Sports
If you’re trying to get healthy, there’s no better time than when the sun’s out. Who wants to go to the gym anyway? Why not get out and exercise in the fresh air while you can.
Last But Not Least, CHILL OUT
Girl, you may be bored now, but realistically when are you next going to have time to sit in front of Netflix for hours, with a facemask and a big box of popcorn? Exactly, we don’t know either. Take these last few days for some serious R&R!
Words Lizzy Vartanian
Images via @2000sgal, @godblessfaketan, @dazedoddity, @popcultureangel, @blondestuckinthe2000s

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