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A Nod to Pop and a Dash of Kitsch
Fempire 30 Aug 2016

A Nod to Pop and a Dash of Kitsch
Artist & Mompreneur, New York City

Elizabeth Sutton’s compositional signature is a strong undercurrent of mathematical proportion and algorhythmic color placement. Nothing is accidental; everything is intuitive.
With a nod to pop and a dash of kitsch, Elizabeth Sutton’s artwork is focused on enlivening spaces and uplifting spirits. Both relevant and playful, her work finds inspiration in color, pattern, medium, environment, and pretty much everything that renders each piece personal to the patron and pleasing to diverse audiences.
Sutton is a part of the NYDesigns incubator program, and her work can be found in locations across New York City and the Hamptons. Wondering how she does it all while balancing a family and living the fast-paced NYC life…
My ideal working outfit looks like…
Grey leggings, grey Rag & Bone tank, YSL sneakers – every day… unless I have meetings.
Heels or sneakers… Which brand or style…
DEFINITELY sneakers, even though I have 100 pairs of heels. My favorites are YSL, Chanel, and Nike.
My favorite art-related blog/app is…
ArtReport because it focuses on emerging artists from all over the world and is a more accessibly written catalogue that lacks the fuss and pretension of traditional art publications. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting ArtReport’s founder. Jonathan is extremely passionate about his brainchild and when you combine passion with hard work, you’re bound to create a successful product that resonates.

The last thing I bought and loved was…
A Zimmerman romper. It’s so whimsical and can be styled many different ways.
Most ridiculous thing I ever bought…
Zebra striped Fendi booties with an orange mink trim and mirrored heel. Needless to say I wore them once and my husband not-so-politely suggested that I never wear them again.
My necessary extravagance is…
My trainers for kickboxing and Pilates. If funds and time were unlimited, I’d do it every day.
Three things/products I always need to have in my bag…
Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses, business cards and a water bottle.
Glittered Circles 3D_theartgorgeous
My ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
My favorite merge of the art- and fashion world…
Specifically, Valentino’s recent collaboration with Australian artist Esther Stewart, but I’d say fashion is an art form in and of itself and the two influence each other all the time.
My most admired art world influencer…
Deborah Kass. She is a strong female artist with an emphasis on “happy” art.
Butterflies Side_theartgorgeous
In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
Many female artists are the ones shaping contemporary dialogue and cultural trends. It’s one of the most pronounced consequences of the democratization of art publicizing platforms by way of social media.
Art makes me…
Viewing or creating? When viewing – engaged; when creating – meditative.
My next art trip/travel will be…
Hopefully to South America, there are some amazing galleries in Uruguay and Brazil but any travel south is on pause (unfortunately) until after I give birth. Zika virus got me like :\
The most arty city is…
NYC. I mean, I know there are so many other metropolises to contend with – London, Basel, Colombia, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, etc. – but as a born and raised New Yorker, I am definitely biased. And it’s not even all about Manhattan anymore. There are art incubator spaces popping up all over Brooklyn and Long Island City. Every borough of the city is teeming with artistic energy and creative drive.
The perfect art-world mentor would be…
This may be an unusual answer, but Jonathan Adler. Although now he is known for his incredible line of home décor and accessories, he began his career as a ceramicist.
I’d relish the opportunity to have access to his guidance because I too would like to diversify my creative output and have product lines that flow directly from my artwork someday.
In the art world, it is almost damning to admit to a desire to monetize your work but I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to contribute to my family’s financial security by leveraging my talents. In my book, setting a beautiful dinner table and decorating your home are as much a creative exercise as painting a canvas.
Hustle 3D_theartgorgeous
What’s next on the horizon? Any exciting projects in the works?
Yes, lots. This summer, Interior Designer Diane Giuariglia of Diyfari Interiors has placed my art in the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Sag Harbor, NY. And you can also find some of my paintings in the beautiful, newly-renovated Oreya at The Capri Southampton and Kyle by Alene Too boutique.
During New York Fashion Week, I am exhibiting my art at along with a well-known international fashionista’s style picks, and ongoing this fall I’ll be planning a few other events with hotels and restaurants.
I would love to collaborate with a designer and expand my reach by exploring product design, so I’m in talks to create a something great with a fellow #GirlBoss. And in the longer term, I hope to create my own home accessories and decor line.
I am also planning a special project in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Stay tuned, lots to come!
Artist(s) we should have on our watchlist is/are…
Me, obvs 😉
Instagram: @elizabethsuttoncollection
Website: www.elizabethsuttoncollection.com

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