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Lunch with Hirst and Glitter from Brooklyn
Fempire 04 Jan 2017

Lunch with Hirst and Glitter from Brooklyn
Artist, Brooklyn

Margalit Romano is a painter and mixed media artist whose work is striking and full of good vibes. Her contemporary abstract paintings reveal her mastering between textures included ink, glitter, spray paint, household paints and any material that inspires her. She is certainly not afraid of  bold color. The use and love of vibrant hues is also one of her signature style in her commercial and interior commissions. Getting daily inspirations from nature and fashion alike, Romano is going to show us her latest makeup and artwork collaboration which are absolutely stunning.


In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
Art isn’t confined to galleries and museums anymore. Art is in your face everyday- social media, graffiti, art & style collaborations. People don’t have to go out of their way to see and appreciate art.
Number of unanswered mails in your account…
Work emails- zero. I make sure to get to them right away- but on my regular account I’m scared to say it…. 25,159… i know- I know- its ready bad; but its a lot of spam!
My perfect working outfit…
Ripped jeans and a T shirt.
My Favourite new brand discovery…
AE jeans- they fit amazingly well and I don’t mind getting them covered in paint.
My everyday online art read is…
I don’t usually have time to read- does Indiewalls count?
My necessary extravagance is…
Shoes, eyeliner, lashes, diamonds, I can go on……
Most ridiculous thing I ever bought…
A bow tie for my puppy- he chewed it off 20 minutes after i put it on. It was really cute though.
My ultimate secret after long working hours…
Lavender essential oils in my diffuser- I feel like I’m at a spa every night.
Favourite collaboration of the art and fashion world…
My makeup and artwork collaboration was pretty awesome, and I plan to do a lot more of them! I am also working on a whole series that brings elements of fashion to your wall. Official collab favorites are Keith Haring & Nicholas Kirkwood, and Alexander McQueen & Damien Hirst.
My Favourite hashtag…
On your office table I always have…
Coffee, my phone, and written notes about whichever project I am working on for that day.
The most arty city is…
NYC always and forever. Besides for the museums, galleries, and overflow of creative beautiful people, the graffiti is surreal.
Who are the best dressed in the art world…
Pari Ehsan, Cindy Sherman, Alec Monopoly, Bjork, Gwen Stefani.
Art world gent I would love to have lunch with…
Julian Schnabel, Damien Hirst, Larry Gagosian.
Artist(s) we should have on our watch list is/are…
ME! @margalitarts

Photos from Interviewee

Personal Webpage: http://margalitromano.com/

Instagram: @margalitarts

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Exhibition Coordinator
VETA - Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
Brand Manager
Hackney Downs Studios - London, United Kingdom
Executive Assistance
Art Intelligence Global - New York, USA
Public Relations Assistant
Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design - Heusden, North Brabant, Netherlands