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Don't Mess with Miss Maple
Fempire 15 Nov 2016

Don’t Mess with Miss Maple
Artist, Sussex

The British-Iranian hybrid, Sarah Maple is a visual artist from Sussex and does not believe in self-censorship. Her multifarious self-portrait photographs, paintings, and video performances are not for the faint of heart as the artist depicts herself menstruating with pride or showing off her hairy armpits. Such daring statements are in an attempt to fight against any social or cultural pressures and to empower woman everywhere.

An advocate of gender equality, her work is undeniably bold and brave as it pokes fun at controversial, cultural, and religious issues with a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek approach. Inevitably, as Maple deals with sensitive issues regarding feminism and Islam, she has been subjected to various death threats from hate mail to having a brick thrown through her window. All in all, we applaud her bravery as her work explains what it’s like to be a woman and a Muslim in Britain today.


My ideal working outfit looks like…
Fred Perry polo and jeans.

Heels or flats… Which brand or style…
For me always flats, Dr Martens are my fave.

My favourite art-related blog/app is…
I don’t pay any attention to art blogs which may be my downfall.


The last thing I bought and loved was…
My David Shrigley print that says ‘Sell Your Soul’.

Most ridiculous thing I ever bought…
One of those suction things that make your lips bigger! Although we did have fun with it at a party.

My necessary extravagance is…
Suits. I don’t need to wear them but I love them.

Three things/products I always need to have in my purse…
Money, get out of jail free card and tampons.

My ultimate beauty secret after long working hours…
Embrace it and look terrible.



My favourite merge of the art- and fashion world…
Barbara Kruger’s ‘Supreme’ range…actually hold on….

My most admired art world influencer…
Marina Abramović.

In the art world currently I find most exciting that…
People are finally talking about inequality in the art world itself.

Art makes me…

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally…
If I can convey a message and touch people which my work or make them think, that’s what I love the most.


The most arty city is…

The perfect art-world gentlemen is…
Godfrey Worsdale.

Artist(s) we should have on our watchlist is/are…
Meg Mosley, Juno Calypso, Natasha Caruana and Rachel Maclean.

Photos from the artist

Personal webpage: www.sarahmaple.com
Instagram: @msmapes

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Assistant Curator / Intern
LoZo Gallery - Franklin, PA
Freelance Copywriter
The Armin Bar (NYC|Milan) - Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Deputy Director
Para Site - Hong Kong
 Auction House Intern
New Art Est-Ouest - Hong Kong