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Super-Flat: Takashi Murakami's Top 10 Collaborations All-Time
Yes, Murakami-mania is still on.
Art Girls Jungle 25 Jan 2018

One of the brightest art world stars, Takashi Murakami, has successfully shown the world how to blur ‘high’ arts and ‘low’ arts. As the founder of ‘Superflat’, Murakami refers to various flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine arts, as well as the “shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture. Claiming himself as the pioneer of promoting art as a brand, his collaborations with numerous fashion brands and also music stars in the past, catapulted him to also become a household name outside far beyond the art world. From Mentos to Supreme, he has done them all – but let’s check out his top 10 collaborative projects!

1. Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton
This partnership that lasted for 13 years had successfully brought Murakami to a huge public audience. One of the most well-known designs he made for Louis Vuitton is the colorful palette of the classic LV monogram with a hint of a ‘kawaii’ style.


2. Takashi Murakami x Mr. x Supreme Skate Decks

The former protégé of Takashi Murakami, Mr., did a collaborative collection with Murakami himself and one of the most legendary New York-based streetwear brands, Supreme. Together they released a set of 3 skate desks designed by each artist that was eagerly awaited.

3.  Takashi Murakami x Vogue Nippon x COMME des GARÇONS

To celebrate the world’s most influential fashion magazine’s 10th anniversary of its Japanese edition, Vogue Nippon invited Murakami to show a selection of works at their “Magazine Alive” pop-up store.

murakami c cdg x vogue_theartgorgeous

4.  Takashi Murakami x Vault by Vans
Tapping the art world, Takashi Murakami was commissioned for a vibrant and playful collection for Van’s premium label, Vault by Vans. The collection highlighted some of his most recognizable motifs, including the happy flowers and skull patterns.


5.  Takashi Murakami x Casio G-SHOCK
Limited to 300 pieces, The Casio G-SHOCK Frogman Watch designed by Takushi Murakami for a collaborative collection, came with a translucent pink color, engraved artwork and a watch pillow with one of Murakami’s signature flower.

murakami x gshock_theartgorgeous

6.  Takashi Murakami x ComplexCon
In November 2017, Takashi Murakami served as the artistic director for ComplexCon, a convention of fashion, streetwear, art and pop culture. He had some of his well-known characters to entertain the crowds: Mr. DOB, Flowers and Kaikai Kiki and friends.


7.  Takashi Murakami x Perrotin
French gallerist, Emmanuel Perrotin, launched a bunch of Asian art galleries in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. Admitting that he has a very special relationship with Asia, he is known as “the” guy who has represented Takashi Murakami since 1993, also being the first gallerist to show his work outside of Japan.


8. Takashi Murakami x Billionaire Boys Club

Takashi Murakami joined BBC for a special collaborative collection to showcase his “Ensō” artwork series. The collection consists of short sleeve T-shirts and a crewneck sweatshirt got BBC’s iconic helmet within the Ensō motif. $$$

billionaire boy club_theartgorgeous

9. Takashi Murakami x Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams got animated by the Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, as part of a musical collaboration with  Pharrell’s official remix of the Jellyfish Eyes theme song. And he got immortalized in one of Murakami`s paintings.

pharrell x murakami_theartgorgeous

10. Takashi Murakami x Kanye West

Apparently Kanye West’s game-changing album, “Graduation”, got a creative makeover from Takashi Murakami, who was asked to do an album cover collaboration. Rumors say, it took him two to three years to settle on the final design.

kanye x murakami_theartgorgouese

Photos via racked, artnet, vogue.jp, sneakernews, fightclub, youtube, Galerie Perrotin, Pinterest, hypebeast

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